Academic Drawing Course

Academic Drawing Courses

A course to sharpen your eye and technique in drawing, thanks to individualized teaching according to your interests, aptitudes and needs. In this way, you develop both your technical skills and your perceptive intelligence.


In order to acquire the necessary tools for drawing from a model, the teacher will teach you techniques that above all allow you to exercise your gaze. He or she will suggest a path adapted to your objectives and will accompany you in your stylistic quest by transmitting strategies that will give you the possibility to find a way to draw that suits you.

Objectives and skills

By the end of this course, you will have developed technical skills (construction of space, structure of the human anatomy, distribution of light and shadow, dynamics of the moving body) and identified the issues involved in this approach.

The practice of observational drawing will also lead you to a better understanding of your perceptual intelligence. Finally, it will invite you to use faculties that are usually little mobilized, thus making the link between body and mind more fluid.

This course is intended for both novices and initiated people. You can bring your own equipment, but you will also find what you need on site. The price includes a fixed price for the engagement of the models.

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from 18 y.o. (from 16 y.o. with the parents' permission)


Cours Durée Prix mensuel* Prix unique**
Dessin Académique 120 minutes

155.00 CHF

1'790.00 CHF

* 12 mensualités à payer de septembre à août (voir notre règlement).
** Prix pour le paiement des cours de l'année complète en un seul versement

Les prix incluent le défraiement des modèles, valablent pour une inscription annuelle (cours de septembre à juin). Tous les frais sont compris dans les prix affichés. Inscription en cours d'année possible (calcul du prix au prorata du nombre de cours restants)

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