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Manga / BD Courses

Whatever your motivation, leisure or profession, we offer you a teaching according to your desires and objectives. The warm and dynamic atmosphere will stimulate you both academically and artistically. Our pedagogy is based on a creative, motivating and formative approach in the development of the student's talents.

You can enroll at any time regardless of your starting level: beginner, intermediate or advanced.

Often referred to as the Ninth Art, comics, or Manga in Japanese culture, has an impressive cultural and editorial diversity. Mangas, French-Belgian comics, comic books or graphic novels: so many examples that are only a glimpse of the artistic richness of this universe!


On the basis of a personal project, the student learns to perfect his stroke, colouring and characters, by elaborating a scenario on several pages. He will have the opportunity to follow either an artistic trend he likes or simply his own inspiration. To do this, the course covers different techniques and trends, thus opening the student's mind to the graphic possibilities available to him; illustration, comics, manga, realistic drawing, landscape, portrait, observation drawing, street-art, sketches, geek-art, character design, etc.. All of this can be done in traditional or digital techniques, using an IPad pro.

Objectives and skills

Techniques covered

  • felt pens
  • gouache
  • watercolour
  • colored pencil
  • pastel
  • Indian ink
  • digital

You will see a wide range of our former students' styles as well as the techniques proposed during our courses.

The year is dedicated to the development of your personal style. At the end of the year, an exhibition is organized to allow students to present their work.

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Lesson Length Monthly price* Single price
Manga / BD 90 minutes 115.00  CHF
from september to june
Discovery pack of 10 lessons - Adult 90 minutes   450.00  CHF
Discovery pack of 10 lessons - Children (-16 y.o.) 90 minutes   390.00 CHF

* Valid for annual registration from September to June. 10 monthly payments to be paid according to the modalities of your choice (see our settlement). Registration during the year possible.

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