Object customization

Object Customization Course

This course offers students the opportunity to customize different objects with their own designs. He will have the opportunity to see his creations on a multitude of media of his choice, such as tote-bag, mug, t-shirt, card game, poster.

Age: from 10 years old

Program :

The year will start off smoothly with a project for a rather small object, either a mug, a sticker or a smartphone shell. The second project will focus on a textile rendering, with the possibility of seeing its design adorning a tote bag, a t-shirt or a cushion cover. And to end the year, the project will be to make its own classic card game, adding its own personal touch.

The idea is to accompany the student in his project, leading to a finished product with his work on it. The process was the same for any project:

  • The elaboration of the project, determination of the support
  • The creation of the drawing that will adorn the object, with knowledge of the constraints of the support.
  • The steps of setting up the drawing to send to print 
  • The satisfaction of seeing your drawing come to life on an object!

Such a complete project allows the student to appropriate many notions of drawing (the work of proportions, perspectives, patterns ...) while being free in his choice of technique (pencils, felt-tips, gouache, watercolor, ink, digital).

The Apolline school's pedagogy emphasizes the qualities of each student, so it is by adapting to your universe, level and style that the teacher will accompany you during this year.

How can you start learning to draw today and unleash your creativity? With Apolline, a Swiss art school based in Lausanne.



Course Duration Monthly price*
Object customization 90 minutes

125.00 CHF
from September to June

* Valid for annual registration from September to June. 10 monthly installments to be paid according to the terms of your choice (see our rules). Registration during the year possible.


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