Summer Holidays 2021 Workshop - Comics/Manga

Easter holiday 2021 workshop - Illustration BD/Manga

Practical information

Our workshops are given in French only

Location :

  • Lausanne : Rue de la Pontaise 8, 1018 Lausanne & Place de la Riponne 5, 1005 Lausanne
  • Montreux : Maison Visinand - Salle Grenier - 1820 Montreux
  • Etoy : Les Ateliers de la Côte - Route de Pallatex 5 - 1163 Etoy
    (parking spaces - 3 min. walk from the train station - accessible by bus from Morges)

Timetable :

  • Time slot 1: 9:00 am to 12:00 pm
  • Time slot 2: 1.30 pm to 4.30 pm

Price :

1 week workshop 3 hours per day 290.00 CHF

Age: from 9 years old

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This course introduces students to the world of sequential art, more widely known as comic books, manga, comics or graphic novels.

Objectives and skills
Techniques covered

  • Construction of a scenario
  • Creation of characters and settings
  • Colouring
  • Cutting out the boxes in relation to the text
  • The work of the "bubbles" or phylactery

Such a complete project allows the student to acquire many drawing skills (the work of proportions, perspectives, light...) while being free in the choice of the technique used (pencils, felt pens, gouache, watercolour, Indian ink, digital). Thus, the student works on the development of his personal style.


Cours Duration Prices
1 week workshop 3 hours per day 290.00 CHF

Course locations

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