Online Twitch Course

Several drawing lessons per week as well as music coaching are on offer, which can be viewed either live or replayed during the following 15 days!

The principle always remains the same, i.e. freely accessible courses, on Twitch, for the greatest number! 

That said, if you enjoy taking these classes, don't hesitate to subscribe to the Twitch channel: the subscription costs only the price of 2 coffees per month ($4.99) and gives you access to a plethora of quality activities! To subscribe, simply click on the following link:

Far from wanting to make any profit, our school is simply trying to generate sufficient income, allowing the teachers who work on this project to live. In this regard, our article on how remuneration works in our school may be of interest to you.

If we don't succeed in reaching our goal, we will have to revise our ambitions downwards, depending on the number of actual subscriptions. The subscriptions that you take out to support us do not involve any long-term commitment, so don't worry: you can cancel at any time if you are no longer satisfied. In any case, the money you will have already paid will have been a precious support for our teachers!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who make this solidarity action possible! Not only our teachers, but also all of you who have already supported us through your subscriptions, donations, comments and encouragement on our social networks! Thank you very much!

To access our online courses on twitch, go to the following link:

Hope to see you there ;)

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