Donatella was born in 1984 in Lausanne. Passionate about art, cultures and foreign languages and dreaming of "saving the world", she did a Master's degree in social sciences and then worked for a few years in the field of human rights (migrants' and children's rights) in Switzerland and Latin America. Increasingly cut off from the artistic world, she realized the importance of art in her life. She starts drawing and painting again and decides to reorient her career. 

She then did an apprenticeship as a graphic designer in a visual creation studio in Yverdon. For the first time in her life, she felt she belonged. Responsible for the trainees, she discovers that she loves to exchange with young people. She realizes that graphic design and scenography are powerful tools for educating, informing and raising awareness on important subjects such as environmental protection or scientific discoveries... yes, graphic design is a means like any other to change the world! 

After the CFC, she worked for more than two years for the same company but from India. Back in Switzerland, she set up personal and collective projects thanks, in particular, to her participation in a new workshop that she shares with people from various artistic backgrounds.

Graphic designer, illustrator, artist, she mixes all kinds of approaches to give substance to various creations: books, texts, bound notebooks, drawings, paintings. Attentive to every crumb of inspiration, she uses a lot of recuperation, accident and chance in her artistic practice.

To learn more about her, discover her portfolio.