Improvisation classes in Lausanne, Morges and Yverdon

Discover the art of performing and perfect your improvisation skills with group improv classes! 


The students are welcomed in a first work of body warm-up and voice work (diction, intonation, placement). The classes are then organized around themes given by the teacher. The students take a moment to work in small groups where they decide together on the key elements of the improvisation: 

  • the roles of each person
  • the tone (humor, drama, absurdity...) 
  • the basic situation and the problematic 
  • the punch line 

They then present their scene, without having had time to decide on all the subtleties of their game and their exchanges, thus forcing them to improvise according to the actions of each one. 

The practice of improvisation can be done from the first beginners classes to an advanced level. 

Objectives and skills

Improvisation classes allow children to develop their creativity, listening skills, spontaneity and sense of humor while learning to assert their place. They also learn to recognize and use emotions such as fear, anger, sadness, disgust, shame and of course, joy. The overall work of the course will also allow them to refine the tools of the actor (voice, gaze, stage awareness) in a fun and caring atmosphere! 

Learning to perform with Apolline

How to allow children of all profiles to make the most of their lessons, while developing their own potential? 

Based in Lausanne, Etoy and Yverdon, Apolline's philosophy is based on the accompaniment of the student, creativity, freedom, exchange and benevolence: 

  • A caring, dynamic and creative teacher who will always try to put the student at ease and value his/her qualities, while helping him/her to develop his/her potential. To do this, we take to heart the need to create and maintain a safe environment so that everyone can perform without fear. At Apolline, we believe that it is essential to be able to try, to make mistakes and to progress in a playful atmosphere. 
  • A group with a coherent age range so that the students can take pleasure in the exchanges. The creativity of others will allow everyone to develop their own. 
  • Coherent classes with varied exercises and an evolution in the work, to allow students to develop their abilities and playing techniques over time and to consolidate their knowledge. 



Cours Durée Prix mensuel* Prix unique**
Impro children and teenagers (by age group) 60 minutes

79.00 CHF

900.00 CHF
Impro adolescents and adults (by age group) 90 minutes

99.00 CHF

1'150.00 CHF

* 12 monthly payments from September to August (see our règlement).
** Price for payment of the full year's courses in one payment

Valid for annual registration (courses from September to June). All fees are included in the posted prices. Registration during the year is possible (prorated according to the number of remaining courses)

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