Manga Course

Manga drawing class

Apolline offers teaching that responds to the student's desires and objectives, whether it be discovery, recreational or pre-professional. We accompany each student as closely as possible to his or her needs, allowing the student to unleash all his or her creativity, thus developing his or her motivation to the maximum.

Enrolment is possible at any time of the year, whether you are an inexperienced student or an experienced artist!

Individual Program

Our classes are designed for students of different levels. The courses are designed to create a real synergy while offering personalised support.

The student starts with a simple project, which will allow to lay the foundations, while determining the desires and needs, according to the current level. Thereafter, he is accompanied in the creation of much more complete and personal projects. He or she will perfect his or her technique and, if desired, develop scenarios or concentrate on pure illustration work. The class focuses on different techniques and artistic trends, opening the student's mind to the different possibilities that are open to him: Manga, Belgian comics, comic books, realistic drawing or his own creativity.

Objectives and skills

The classes for younger children, from 6 to 9 years old, are based on a playful approach, prioritising play and thus the child's pleasure. Not all the technical themes listed below are therefore developed. When they are, the form is adapted to their age.

Techniques covered

  • Human anatomy - The body, the face, emotions, proportions
  • Non-human anatomy - Animals and imaginary characters
  • Static and moving bodies
  • Set design - Environment and perspective work
  • Objects and props 
  • Character creation - Character design
  • Colour, light and shading
  • Construction of a scenario, division of the boxes in relation to the text
  • The work of the "bubbles" or phylactery

Such a comprehensive project allows the student to learn many drawing skills (proportion, perspective, light, etc.) while being free to choose the technique used (pencils, felt pens, gouache, watercolour, ink, digital). Thus, the student works on the development of his personal style.

Ages : 

  • 6 to 9 years - 60' weekly
  • 10 to 16 years old - 90' weekly
  • from 10 years old and on request - 120' weekly (advanced class with Yami Shin)


Classes Duration Monthly price* Annual price**
Drawing Manga 6-10 years 60 minutes

79.00 CHF

900.00 CHF
Manga drawing from 10 years old 90 minutes

99.00 CHF

1'150.00 CHF
Manga drawing from 10 years old - advanced (on application)     120 minutes 129.00 CHF 1'490.00 CHF

* 12 monthly payments to be paid from September to August (see our rules).
** Price for the payment of the whole year's courses in one installment.

Valid for an annual registration (courses from September to June). All fees are included in the prices shown. Registration during the year is possible (price calculated in proportion to the number of remaining courses)

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