Mixed Course

Drawing Painting & Illustration classes

This course offers original, contemporary and constantly renewed workshops around the art of drawing and illustration. Students develop their sensitivity as well as their ability to create and express themselves in colour, lines and materials. The workshop programme is based on the culture of art, its history and current events. They allow students to acquire the culture, the gestures and the essential tools to be able to express themselves and create.


Learn and develop your artistic expression using different tools: pencils, brushes, watercolour, felt-tip pens, pastels, gouache, neocolours, pens, graphite, charcoal, etc. So many techniques to discover and to deepen! Students develop their skills through creations, drawings and illustrations on themes suggested by the teacher. Accompanied by the teacher, they will be able to develop, grow or perfect their artistic practice.

For Apolline, the possibility of accompanying the children in the realisation of a concrete project is essential. The teacher therefore proposes, in line with the courses given in visual arts, the possibility of carrying out an exhibition or micro-publishing project. Through a playful, social and enriching experience, the children will understand the context of a real project and its implementation.

Objectives and skills

Techniques covered

  • Work of the proportions
  • Outlook work
  • Light work
  • Working with colour
  • Use of various techniques (pencils, felt-tip pens, gouache, neocolours, charcoal, etc.)

How can you learn to draw and unleash your creativity? With Apolline, a Swiss art school based in Lausanne.

Age : 

  • 6 to 10 years old - 60' weekly
  • 10 to 16 years old - 90' weekly
  • Adults (16+) - 90' weekly


Cours Durée Prix mensuel* Prix unique**
Dessin Peinture Illustration 6-10 ans 60 minutes

79.00 CHF

900.00 CHF
Dessin Peinture Illustration 11-16 ans & adultes 90 minutes

99.00 CHF

1'150.00 CHF

* 12 monthly payments to be paid from September to August (see our rules).
** Price for the payment of the whole year's courses in one installment.

Valid for an annual registration (courses from September to June). All fees are included in the prices shown. Registration during the year is possible (price calculated in proportion to the number of remaining courses)

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