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Who's it for? Children aged 10 and over and adults, beginners and advanced. Techniques: watercolor and acrylic. No oil painting. Classes: weekly Where? Apolline - Rue St-Martin 9.

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Our painting courses in Lausanne are aimed at children aged 10 to 16 and adults (16+), whatever their level. Whether you're a beginner wanting to learn the basics of drawing and painting, or an initiate wishing to perfect your techniques, we offer weekly workshops tailored to your needs. Explore different artistic techniques such as watercolor and acrylic, and discover the pleasure of creating under the guidance of an experienced teacher.

Painting course program

Our weekly painting workshops are designed to accompany you in your artistic exploration, whatever your level. Whether you're drawn to the vibrant colors of acrylic or the subtlety of watercolor, our classes offer you the opportunity to discover and master these different techniques. For organizational reasons, oil painting is not offered.

For beginners, the emphasis is on learning the fundamentals of drawing and painting. You'll discover notions of composition, perspective, light and shadow, while exploring different color-mixing techniques. Practical exercises will enable you to familiarize yourself with the material and develop confidence in your abilities. For more experienced artists, classes offer the chance to refine their techniques, explore new styles and develop their own expression. Our teachers, all professional artists, will guide you in your personal projects and give you invaluable advice to help you progress.

Classes take place in a friendly, stimulating atmosphere, conducive to creativity and exchange. Small groups ensure personalized attention and support tailored to individual needs. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information on our painting courses and to start your artistic adventure!

FAQ - Painting courses

1. What kind of painting courses do you offer?

We offer weekly watercolor and acrylic painting workshops for children aged 10 to 16 and adults aged 16 and over, beginners or advanced.

2. Where do painting classes take place?

Our painting courses take place in Lausanne, in our studio at Rue St-Martin 9.

3. How do I register for painting classes?

You can consult our online registration form and choose the time slot that suits you best. The number of places remaining for each course is indicated directly on the form.

4. How long do painting courses last?

Courses for 10-16 year-olds last 90 minutes. Enrolments can be made at any time and cover the entire current school year, to ensure optimum follow-up and progress. Adult courses, on the other hand, are organized on a quarterly basis, offering a flexible solution tailored to your needs. These last 120 minutes.

5. Is there a limit to the number of participants per course?

Yes, to ensure personalized attention and an atmosphere conducive to learning, we limit the number of participants to 12 per course.

6. Do I need to bring my own painting materials?

No, we provide all the materials you need to paint (brushes, paints, paper, etc.). Just bring your creativity and enthusiasm! However, if you have any special equipment, you can of course bring it with you.

7. Do you offer oil painting courses?

For organizational reasons linked to the drying time of oil paints, we do not offer this type of medium. We concentrate on watercolor and acrylic techniques. The latter offers very similar possibilities to oil painting.

8. Do you organize painting workshops during the vacations?

We offer drawing, painting and illustration courses during the school vacations. These workshops can include painting as part of the coloring process. Please visit our website for more information on our internships and summer camps in the French-speaking part of Switzerland.

9. How do I pay for painting lessons?

For annual courses for children, you can choose between a one-off payment or a monthly payment plan. For quarterly courses for adults, payment is made individually at the beginning of each quarter.

10. How can I find out more about painting courses?

Please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form on our website. We'll be delighted to answer any questions you may have and help you with your registration.


Courses Length Monthly price* One price**
Painting 10-16 years - 1 year 90 minutes

99.00 CHF

1150.00 CHF
Painting Adults - 16+ - 1 term (quarter) 120 minutes


595.00 CHF

* 12 monthly payments due from September to August (see our règlement).
** Price for payment of courses for the full period in a single payment.

All fees are included in the prices shown. Enrolment during the term is possible (price calculated pro rata to the number of courses remaining).

Registration by term (quarter) is only possible for adult courses.

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For extra-curricular activities, a family can benefit from a 10% sibling discount for the second member of the same family enrolled in our courses / camps / internships.

The art of painting is a fascinating world offering multiple possibilities for expression and creation. Whether you're a beginner, an amateur or an experienced artist, there are a multitude of techniques, styles and trends to explore. From delicate watercolors to vibrant acrylics, from soft pastels to expressive inks, each medium has its own characteristics and allows you to create unique works. Develop creativity and observation: The practice of painting is not limited to simply applying colors to a canvas. It allows you to develop your sense of observation, refine your perception of colors and shapes, and stimulate your imagination. By observing the world around you, you'll learn to capture the essence of things and translate it into your own style. Explore different artistic currents: The history of painting is rich and diverse. From cave frescoes to Renaissance masterpieces, Impressionism to abstract art, each era has seen the birth of unique currents. By discovering these different trends, you can enrich your artistic culture and find inspiration for your own creations. Art as therapy: Painting can also be a powerful tool for personal development and well-being. The creative process allows you to relax, focus on the present moment and express your emotions in a positive way. It's an ideal way to recharge your batteries and reconnect with yourself. Join our community of artists: By taking part in our painting courses in Lausanne, you become part of a passionate and caring community. You'll meet other artists, share experiences, learn from each other and find the support you need to progress in your practice. Whether you're looking for a creative hobby, a means of self-expression or a moment of relaxation, painting has a lot to offer. So don't hesitate, and take the plunge!

Painting, this age-old visual art, continues to fascinate and inspire. In Lausanne, our art school sets itself apart by introducing students to traditional and contemporary practices and techniques, constantly renewed by innovative artists. Drawing, the essential basis of painting, is taught in depth, as is the use of pencil and charcoal to sketch the first lines of your masterpieces. It's important to note, however, that unlike our "Drawing, Painting and Illustration" program, where painting is only an optional coloring solution, it's at the heart of the process here. In our classes, every child, teenager and adult begins with still life and model exercises, learning to capture the essence of observation, understand light and play with shadows. Our students evolve in an environment where pictorial art is perceived as a form of universal language, crossing cultures and eras, a gateway to the expression of humanity. The art studio encourages the discovery of a variety of materials, from traditional supports to the most avant-garde tools. Experimentation with color, whether in watercolor, acrylic or mixed media, becomes a journey where the budding artist learns not only the fundamentals of color mixing, but also how to transpose his or her emotions into paint. Our teaching team's recommendation is simple: dare to be creative. Whether you have a preference for classical works or would like to embark on a more illustrative or contemporary style, our program can be adapted to suit you. Our passionate and attentive teachers are there to transform each private lesson into a moment of discovery and inspiration. The art of painting through the creation of personal works is at the heart of our mission. We look forward to welcoming you to Lausanne to paint together, observe, create and share in a stimulating atmosphere where freedom and creativity are the keystones of learning.

While our programs continue to forge a solid foundation in the visual arts, they are also open to the exploration of various currents, not confining themselves exclusively to the effervescence of one particular field. While manga-style drawing may appeal to some, our curriculum embraces a wide range of disciplines, encouraging each participant to discover and refine their own artistic path. Apolline's teaching is designed to accommodate all levels of practice, from neophyte to advanced painter, with particular attention paid to diversity of expression. For those with a specific interest in Manga, we recommend our BD/Manga illustration course, specially adapted to this theme. Portraiture, with its subtleties and ability to capture the human essence, plays a prominent role in our modules. This discipline not only provides an understanding of structure and tonality, but also a deeper insight into the relationship between artist and subject. It's an exploration that goes far beyond technique, reaching the heart of personal expression and inner reflection. For those looking to fully immerse themselves in an artistic project or explore a range of techniques during vacation periods, we also offer intensive week-long courses. These immersive drawing, painting and illustration sessions are specially designed for children, enabling them to devote themselves fully to their creativity during the school vacations. It's an opportunity for them to develop their skills in a dynamic setting rich in discovery. We are aware that the practice of art has no end and that it adapts to the personal rhythm of each individual. That's why our teaching approach is flexible, adapting to each individual's aspirations and development. Our commitment is to provide appropriate support at every stage of artistic learning.

Our teaching program in Lausanne expands beyond primordial techniques, opening the door to further exploration and diversification of artistic skills. Emphasis is placed on broadening the palette of knowledge, with special attention paid to the mastery of nuance and tonality, essential for any apprentice wishing to transcend the basics of pictorial expression. Advanced sessions are designed to sharpen visual acuity and sharpen the ability to conceptualize, encouraging students to infuse their own narrative into every brushstroke. In this spirit of continuous growth, we encourage our students to immerse themselves in the study of the pictorial movements that have shaped the history of art, from classical traditions to modernist and contemporary waves. In so doing, they discover how the great currents have influenced the discipline, and how they can draw inspiration from them to forge their own individual style. Our courses are also enriched by illustration modules, enabling designers to combine narrative drawing with painting for multi-dimensional expression. The wise counsel of our mentors accompanies each student on their journey, offering precise guidance and personalized recommendations for their personal or professional projects. We firmly believe that creativity flourishes in a context of freedom and support, where every question is answered and every idea can take shape. So we're delighted to see our workshops transform into laboratories of innovation, where close observation of the world around us feeds creativity, and where every art project becomes a discovery of oneself and the world. For aspiring artists who want to join the art scene with confidence, our courses offer fertile ground for talent to flourish. With registrations open all year round, we're ready to welcome new perspectives and enrich our community with a mosaic of emerging talent.