Learning music with Apolline

How do you get out of the usually rigid framework of the first years of musical learning that is found in most schools in Switzerland? 

Based in Lausanne, Apolline has a different approach:

When you are a child, taking music lessons in private is often not the best solution. The student is alone with an adult and this situation is not conducive to an ideal learning dynamic. Small groups offer many advantages: the student is with a friend, with whom he or she will enjoy learning. An additional motivation will be present, intrinsic to the synergy of the group. Moreover, fundamental musical notions, such as listening and playing with others, cannot be developed in the traditional context of private lessons.

Apolline therefore offers semi-private lessons, in groups of 2 students (see 3 students, for singing). Of course, the success of such courses requires the creation of coherent groups in terms of age and level. Our teachers give it their full attention.