3 students of Apolline at the Swiss Voice Tour (3/3)

Swiss Voice Tour Contest

How to prepare for it?

3 students of Apolline at the Swiss Voice tour

Preparatory work :

Sandrina, Apolline's singing teacher, is very familiar with this kind of competition. She even had the opportunity to be part of the Jury of "La nuit des chanteurs" organised by the Blues Club of Fribourg. She explains the preparation process:

First of all, there is a targeting process, linked to the choice of songs. Trying to match the universe of each singer with the possible expectations of the jury, taking an interest in the winners of previous editions... When the songs are chosen, technical work is done first. They make sure that the tessituras are suitable, that there is no "clash". They work on their posture, hand position, breathing and vocal projection. When they are comfortable with these elements, Sandrina then turns to the interpretation of the songs. She focuses on the meaning of the lyrics so that the emotion that emerges is not contradictory to the text. Then comes the handling of the microphone. The feeling is different, the vocal amplification can lead to "undersinging". Sandrina then put them in condition, practising being at ease with the spoken word (having to introduce themselves, answer the jury's questions, etc.). Finally, Sandrina suggested filming them so that the students could see themselves and analyse their performance with an external eye. It is a moment of exchange where each of them can give their opinions and improve their skills.

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