Blue Lock: the soccer anime that makes the buzz

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A good alternative to the World Cup in Qatar

You have probably debated and taken a stand on the soccer world that is currently taking place in Qatar, and rightly so. This sporting event is far from being unanimously approved, unlike Blue Lock, a fresh and explosive anime that emerges as a real alternative for manga and football lovers.  

In the news

If you are not following the World Cup but you have seen Blue Lock on the networks, you should know that the Japanese international team has something to do with it. Indeed, like a well-crafted synopsis, the team manages to qualify for the final phase. At the end of the draw that reveals its opponents, Japan must face 3 teams, and not the least. We find Costa-Rica, team with a creative and sulphurous game, Spain, with a precise and inspired game, and finally Germany, organized and extremely efficient. Japan plays its first game against the Germans, 11th best team in the world according to the Fifa ranking. Despite the call for a Boycott by several organizations due to the non-respect of human rights, questionable infrastructures and a disastrous ecological impact, this match nevertheless finds an audience. Since the beginning of the competition, this confrontation is on everyone's lips. After the Germans opened the scoring in the 60th minute, the end of the game turned into a heroic tale. Japan managed to score two goals with 15 minutes to go, propelling them to the top of the standings with Spain. What a surprise!

Impact for the anime Blue lock

There are a lot of anime with a sports theme, and soccer in particular. We can mention Captain Tsubasa, Olive and Tom or Ao Ashi for example. However, one anime has particularly benefited from the buzz generated by this match: Blue Lock. Some Twitter users took this opportunity to highlight it and manage to make it known internationally, which is still difficult for a work of this type.  

Between soccer and battle royal

It is true that the format of this anime has everything to please. The battle royal format is particularly popular nowadays. As a reminder, this genre comes from video games and is based on the survival of the protagonists, with a mechanism called "Last man standing". We can cite Fortnite in gaming or Squid Game in the series as standards of the style. 


Written by Kaneshiro Muneyuki, Blue Lock does not offer a classic approach to soccer. We follow the adventures of Yoichi Isagi, a talented teenager who joins a training center with unconventional methods that aims to prepare the next generation of footballers in the land of the rising sun. The objective is to train the best strikers by pushing the 300 selected participants to the limit. The competition is tough, the surpassing of oneself is the watchword. It is undoubtedly this mixture that gives this little more to Blue Lock and that pleases so much the public, granting this touch of modernity to the anime of the genre.   

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