Do you learn to play the guitar from books?

Self-directed learning deciphered part 2

Today we continue to talk about learning to play the guitar on your own. The method we are going to talk about is learning with the help of textbooks. This method is not for everyone because the size of the books might scare some people while others will feel very comfortable. 

For example, those who are used to working in an academic manner and who need a well established framework. Here again, consistency and perseverance are required! If you feel up to it, you will easily find a lot of methods to learn to play the guitar on the internet. Otherwise, here is a non-exhaustive list of books that can be found in bookstores or second-hand:

  • The Guitar For Dummies 
  • Guitar Chords For Dummies 
  • Guitar Exercises For Dummies 
  • The Guitar Without a Teacher 

The first three complement each other, while the last one is very interesting but is still accompanied by some private or online lessons. It is very useful to try and combine several methods to learn to play the guitar faster, books, tutorials, lessons, diagrams or advice from a guitarist or a guitar teacher. Looking for a guitar lesson? Our art school, Apolline, offers private and semi-private lessons.

How does one practice playing the guitar alone?

The mistake you should not make is to rush through the steps. By learning the basic chords, you will quickly have the impression of mastering the instrument, but as soon as it becomes more technical, it gets complicated and you risk, first, to get discouraged, then, you will let mistakes go to go faster and further in the song but your learning would not be completed.

Quel est l'entraînement de guitare idéal ?

Come as you are ! (source : Paris Match Belgique)

Make a detailed schedule before you try to reproduce a piece. Define a schedule that will allow you to dedicate at least 15 minutes to learning the guitar, write down what you want to work on beforehand, prepare all your material beforehand (metronome, tuner, mediator, tablatures, etc.), don't let yourself be distracted by the television or your telephone, for example.

How long should I practice playing the guitar?

Ideally, your session should last at least 30 minutes. 

Out of these 30 minutes, 5 will be dedicated to warming up, then 15 minutes more technical where you can focus on what inspires you the most or what you lack the most (dexterity, improvisation, speed etc.) then, the next 10 minutes, you will have to put into practice the technique you have just acquired, and, to finish, you can play 2-3 minutes just for your own pleasure. If your training lasts less than 30 minutes we advise you to concentrate on technique, if it lasts longer, divide your time between technique and practice.

If a rope breaks, if you lose patience, if you get stuck on a passage, don't worry. Take a break, take a breath and start again later. Learning the guitar is not immune to the unexpected.

In short, how to learn to play the guitar alone?

Quels sont les meilleurs conseils pour les guitaristes ? Develop your own playing technique!

As we have mentioned several times, the key words are: motivation, rigor, patience and perseverance!

Motivate yourself to practice every day, even for a short time. Take your time, concentrate on each sound. Film yourself, record yourself as if you were doing a concert. Repeat the same songs until you get them right. Use a metronome to refine your rhythm. Control your posture. Learn theory, especially music theory, which will help you a lot. Avoid filling your head with a thousand methods found on the internet, choose one and stick to it. Practice instead of watching videos and tutorials on the internet, you will progress faster. Find a music group to be even more motivated or ask one of our teachers, Apolline offers private and semi-private guitar lessons in Lausanne for children and teenagers and private lessons for adults, but also drum lessons, singing lessons and piano lessons.

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