Fête du Livre de Givisiez: We announce the winners of the "Happy Manga" contest!

You'll find the results at the bottom of the article.

An Event Anticipated by Enthusiasts

Last Saturday, on September 23, the communal library of Givisiez transformed into a true sanctuary for lovers of Japanese culture. The "Happy Manga" event organized by the Apolline School of Arts drew in numerous budding mangakas for a day filled with discovery and emotion. Besides the stands selling goodies and the bubble tea that delighted many a palate, the presence of talented artists gave this event the vibe of a mini-convention, fostering rich exchanges centered around the art of manga.

Reflecting on our "Happy Manga" Contest

The drawing contest challenged the imaginations of young artists, inviting them to immerse themselves in the captivating world of manga. The theme, "If I were a manga hero or heroine", resonated deeply with all our dear participants. After all, who hasn’t dreamt of becoming a fictional character, complete with unique powers, style, and a world of their own?

Mangas, with their colorful and exceptionally powered characters, served as an endless fountain of inspiration. Iconic figures like Luffy, the stretchable pirate from "One Piece", Naruto, the ninja harboring the nine-tailed fox demon, or Anya from "Spy x Family" with her incredible mind-reading ability, provided a springboard for the participants’ overflowing imaginations. After all, one must draw inspiration from the best... right?

Yet, beyond drawing from these legendary characters, the challenge was to innovate. If one were to step into the world of mangas, what unique power would they possess? What would they look like? Participants were also encouraged to add details to their artworks, similar to character introduction pages in manga. This deep dive into the manga realm allowed artists to push the boundaries of their creativity, producing original and captivating pieces.

One thing is certain: every drawing brilliantly captured these themes with imagination and individual flair. Choosing the top contenders for our podium was a genuine artistic conundrum, given the exceptional quality of the presented works.

The Top Contenders

After intense deliberation, the jury made their decision. Here are the standout pieces from this year's "Happy Manga" edition.

  • 1st prize: Congratulations to the big winner! A free one-week training course at Apolline's awaits him, a good opportunity to take giant steps forward.

  • 2nd prize: Bravo! The talented artist behind this work will receive a 50% discount on an internship at Apolline.


  • 3rd prize: bravo! Like the second prize, the 3rd place winner will receive a 50% discount voucher for an internship at Apolline.


Contest information

The prizes of the 3 lucky winners will be sent by post as soon as possible!

Thanks to all participants, it was a very successful edition. Every edition of "Happy Manga" is a celebration of creativity and passion. The participants once again demonstrated the extent of their talent and imagination. Congratulations to all the artists, and see you next year for new artistic adventures!

Maybe you want to learn how to draw your favorite manga characters? In that case, nothing better than taking a comic/manga drawing class to learn how to draw them and share your interests. Apolline offers courses in Lausanne, Morges, Montreux, Bienne and Delémont. And to deepen your knowledge even more, you can take part in the comic/manga drawing vacation camps that take place all over the French-speaking part of Switzerland during the school vacations!

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