Guitar and bass: What are the differences? (2/2)

Some tips for choosing between these two instruments

Different roles

With a different frequency range, the bass and the guitar have different roles. Let's take a relatively classic pop-rock band formation, consisting of drums, bass, guitar and vocals. The bass is the rhythmic and harmonic base with the drums. They act as supports, foundations on which the other elements can be added. The groove and the coordination between the bass and the drums is therefore essential. The guitar has a more harmonic role, with chords and other riffs. It dialogues with the bass to enrich the harmony and the rhythm proposed by the bass. On this well supplied composition, can then be added the words of the singer to transmit a message to the song.


Good reasons to choose the bass

From a pragmatic point of view, there are less bass players than guitar players. Therefore, you will have much more chances to join bands if you want to perform. There are also plenty of different playing techniques to explore, such as slapping the lower strings with the thumb and pulling the higher strings with the other fingers. You can also break out of this "backbone" role of the band with more harmonic playing and even solo!

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