History of manga

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Do you know where this typically Japanese style comes from

First of all, the definition of manga

Manga is seen by everyone as an art form in its own right, typical of Japanese culture. But what exactly does it represent?Literally, the word "manga" is made up of two kanji (the symbols used to write Japanese): "Man" meaning "entertaining" or "exaggerated" and "Ga" meaning "drawing" or "image". By combining the two, we can understand that "manga" means "funny picture" or "caricature" or "quick sketch".

The origins of manga

The word "manga" first referred to emaki, scrolls with illustrations and text underneath. This type of illustration was seen as popular, even vulgar, in the Edo period (1600-1870).If you are particularly interested in this art form, you can find more than 2500 prints on the Library of Congress website:

Today the word "manga" evokes Japanese comics. But how did we get from "cartoon" to "Japanese comic"?

Manga today

Manga as we know it today was first strongly influenced by the West, especially with the arrival of American culture after the Second World War. One of the greatest mangakas of all time, Osamu Tezuka, said himself that he was inspired by the eyes (large eyes, which are found in most manga).

The manga will first go through a form of press drawing to be democratised, until it becomes what we know today.

The particularity of this type of comic strip is probably due to the fact that Japan has long had an isolationist policy, and strong beliefs that can be found in many manga stories.

The format of manga is mainly due to the format of the magazines that publish manga. Indeed, if manga are divided into chapters, it is because they are published that way in newspapers.

It should also be noted that manga is the comic strip sector that has been doing best for years. In 2021 in France, one out of two comics was a manga.

This means that the future of this art is bright.

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