How do you get to know your voice?

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How do you get to know your voice?

Following our previous article "how to learn to sing without taking lessons", we are going to continue to talk about how to learn to sing by yourself. To do so, it is important to dissect the 5 basic elements that will have an influence on your voice.

These are: breathing, diction, rhythm, location and voice. 

Let's start with breathing; we may think that breathing comes naturally. However, when it comes to singing it is a technique. You have to focus on your diaphragm, and be able to open your rib cage so that the air can circulate. It's a mastery that is essential to have. 

Then we have diction, because it is essential to pronounce all the vowels and consonants in an intelligible way. 

The rhythm is also one of the bases on which it is necessary to focus because a false start will have an impact on all the rest of the song. 

To follow this logic, the note placement allows you to go from one note to the next while keeping the key, whether it is high or low. And finally the voice. It is important to know what type of voice you have. Age, physiognomy and other factors will have an impact on the type of voice and the type of scale that you have. 

Once these 5 elements are well defined and identified. We will give you some examples of exercises. 

How to work on your voice? 

Let's proceed in steps: warming up your voice is the first step; especially before a performance. The technique that works best is to practice on all scales. First the middle range, then the low range and finally the high range. When practicing the middle range, repeat the exercise several times to get the voice used to it, then go up a little at a time and then down a little at a time. This is how you will increase your vocal capacity. 

Practice on all notes, including sharps and flats, to expand your vocal range. If you can, use a piano. And above all, as we said in our previous articles, be consistent. Practice every day for 20 to 30 minutes, this will strengthen your vocal cords. 

Poser sa voix au sein d'un orchestre, une bonne formation musicale.

Many famous singers of all nationalities and musical genres have learned to sing alone; Aretha Franklin, Georges Brassens, Prince, Luciano Pavarotti or Eminem, so why not you? 

Apolline offers singing lessons in Lausanne as well as guitar lessons, drum lessons and piano lessons to help you perfect your musical skills. 

In the meantime, next week we will continue to teach you how to sing on your own using the internet.

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