How to draw hands?

Hands, you prefer to hide them in pockets rather than draw them! And it's normal, when you don't have the little technique, it's a complicated step. But once you have it, everything becomes easier!

Drawing hands easily  

Hands have something special, something more practical than all the other things you would like to be able to draw: you always have the most beautiful living models at your disposal in any circumstance; your own hands!
When we draw, we have to imagine that our eyes are zooms, at the beginning we start by looking from far away, we make big shapes, lines, without details, then we look from even farther away to see the totality of what we have made, even if it means moving away from the drawing. And only when you are satisfied with the general lines do you zoom in and go on to the details. 

Some advice

 (if you want to draw with realistic proportions, like in most manga and comics):

Hands are almost the size of the head, from the chin to the middle of the forehead, more or less, we often tend to make them smaller.
If you draw hands along the body, at the end of the arms, without any particular movement, they are in profile if the body is in front, and they are in front if the body is in profile.
Always start with a sketch, a vague shape, it is not sure that the hand will stay where you drew it, maybe the arm is badly placed and you will have to start all over again. The sketch of a hand can be a muffle shape, which will then serve as a basis for the rest.

Quick tutorial

1.    Draw a trapezoid for the palm.

2.    Draw markers by dividing the large base of the trapezoid into two parts, one slightly larger and one slightly smaller.

3.    Draw the base of the thumb on the side of the larger part, a triangle extending from the base of the trapezoid. 

4.    Draw a landmark curve for the tips of the fingers that are a little smaller than the palm.

5.    Draw three circles per finger for the phalanges, the same distance apart, the last one closer to the top line of the fingers. 

6.    Draw the outline of the hand and observe your hand to put more natural curves. 

7.    Draw the details by observing your own hand to add the details, nails, folds of the phalanges, bones of the metacarpals, nerves, folds of the skin, etc...

To draw a hand in profile, simply draw the thinner trapezium and the base of the thumb inside it. You have to imagine that the shape has turned. 
You can also draw a hand with bent fingers, removing, shortening or changing the direction of some phalanges!

Remember that drawing is a free activity and you choose how you draw. If you want to draw in a "manga" style, you will have to learn the proportions and draw the right contours and curves, but you don't have to bring out a lot of details, especially if the hand is not a central and important element of the drawing. 

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