How to draw a manga girl?

A girl is almost the same as a boy, and sometimes even the same.

A girl, a boy

In manga, you have probably noticed that girls and boys are not the same thing, there are mangas for girls, mangas for boys and, often, mangakas do not draw them in the same way. And yet, a girl is not so different from a boy, and even sometimes it is the same thing. So we have to remember that, often, manga girls are stereotypes: a very thin waist, big breasts, big eyelashes, big eyes, long hair, long thin legs, awkward postures with knees that meet... etc... a girl is not that at all and we have to be careful not to fall into the trap of confusing manga fantasy with reality. Sometimes we fall into it without wanting to, so be careful!

But sometimes, some people need to make a stereotype, to draw the features that women will have more often than men, even on girls. If you want to do that, you have to imagine what women would have more often (sometimes they don't have it.): more prominent breasts, thinner waist, wider hips. If we want to exaggerate these stereotypes a little more, which is not recommended to make a really nice character, we will add smaller hands and feet, a thinner and less muscular body, a thinner jaw, a thinner neck, longer eyelashes, less eyebrows... etc....

Before you start you need to define the age of your character, if it is a child girl, a teenage girl or a young woman girl.

The stages of drawing

Start with the head, the round, the cross on the round to place the eyes, the mouth and nose, and the chin.

The body is six or seven times the head. For a child, we will sometimes use 6x proportions.

Place the pelvis, the legs separate in the middle of the body.

Start sketching the shoulders in circles, lower than the neck and outside the edges of the head.

You will need to make these circles for all the joints. For the waist, you can draw two shapes, one for the bust, one for the pelvis.

You can add breasts but don't do it if you are drawing a child or a woman who has no breasts.

A child would look more like this, with thinner hips and no chest.

Then you can add the eyes, the mouth, the nose, the hair, the feet, the hands, for that refer to the other articles. Or you can wait for the next articles on How to draw a manga girl. In the meantime, train yourself to make the body, it's the most important thing, once you know how to do that, the rest will be much easier. You can also practice moving the circles to move the arms and legs.

To improve your drawing techniques, nothing is better than to practice regularly and even better, to be accompanied by a professional. If you wish to take drawing classes, don't hesitate to sign up for the comic book/manga drawing classes to learn how to draw your favorite characters and perfect your drawing techniques in Lausanne, Morges, Montreux, Bienne and Delémont. And to deepen your knowledge even more, you can take part in the comic/manga drawing vacation camps that take place all over French-speaking Switzerland during the school vacations!