How to learn to sing without taking lessons?

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Last week we talked to you in our articles "How to learn to play the guitar alone" about learning to play the guitar on your own, self-taught.

Today, we are going to use the same concept, but for singing. No matter what subject you want to learn without taking lessons, the watchwords will remain the same: motivation, patience, rigor and perseverance. That being said, singing lends itself just as well to self-taught practice as guitar or piano, for example. 

Once you have mastered the breathing techniques, you will have to refine your hearing and listen carefully to your voice in order to be on the lookout for false notes. Little by little, you will be able to correct them, to adjust your vocal cords and your tone until you feel like a real singer. 

Let's start at the beginning:

How to prepare your body?

In the art of singing, and in many other musical instruments, posture is an essential element. It is by having a good posture that we will be able to give the best of ourselves and to explore all the possibilities of which our body is capable.

Dire les paroles en rythme nécessite une position optimale du corps.

It is important to have a good posture to free your rib cage while singing.

First, stand up straight: anchor yourself to the ground, feet flat, whether you are standing or sitting. By standing up straight, you give your lungs a chance to reach their maximum capacity, and then more accurate and precise notes.

Second, the breath. It constitutes 80% of the singing. You can practice various breathing exercises by breathing in and out slowly and deeply. It is not without reason that the voice is considered a wind instrument. 

How to learn to listen to yourself ?

It is not easy to teach yourself to sing to yourself. You may already have your own style without being aware of it. Have confidence in yourself and your abilities. You must learn to listen to yourself and judge yourself as objectively as possible in order to hear yourself. Try to record yourself, train your vocal chords to develop your own ear for music. 

Anyone can train their voice, correct it, and end up with wonderful results. 

If you would like the advice of qualified teachers and to share your passion for singing with other students, Apolline offers singing lessons in Lausanne as well as guitar lessons, drum lessons and piano lessons.

Next week, we'll get to the heart of the subject of self-taught singing by explaining how the voice works and offering you a few exercises to practice on your own. 

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