How to memorize a text well ?


Perfect knowledge of a text is even more necessary in the theater than in front of the camera. How can you learn a (long) text without difficulty ?

Learning a text 

Memory is one of the actor's main working tools on stage. 

Even before working on the staging of a play, you will have to appropriate the dialogues, as a breeding ground, a base of work on which to search, build and explore interpretation and staging paths. 

But this can be a complex task : how can you get to know dialogues and monologues that are sometimes tedious? 

Working tools 

First, it will be useful to identify your learning style. 

What is your memory type ? Are you more sensitive to visual, auditory or kinesthetic aspects? 

If you're not sure, there are many tests online that will help you find your input channel. 

Once you have identified your memory type, build tools that will use these channels.

If you are a visual type 

Easy for you, so the most effective method will be to work directly with your book. Read it regularly and use a ruler to hide your line of text to make sure it has passed into your memory. 

If you are an auditory type 

Have someone work through your text by giving you the line and correcting you aloud by reading back to you any erroneous passages. 

If no one can give you the line, you can also work on it using your phone :

Record the entire script, leaving blank spaces before your lines, then say it out loud. You can then work on your text orally and be corrected directly. 

If you are a kinesthetic type

Try as much as possible to work on your text in situation. You can use the same methods as for auditory memory while moving in space. If you already have elements of staging or set design, take advantage of them to integrate them into your memory work. 

Don't forget that the most important thing with memory is to work regularly and over time! There is no need to work 5 hours on your text the night before, prefer small work sessions well before the first rehearsals. This way, you will be perfectly at ease to concentrate on the work of directing and the emotional investment that acting requires. 

Where can I take classes to practice ? 

At Apolline we offer very complete acting classes, the first part of the class is dedicated to specific warm-ups and working techniques to allow actors to develop the right tools for their career. 

Don't hesitate to come to the classes that interest you! At Apolline, we are committed to providing students with warm and friendly classes in which they can develop their skills with confidence.