How to write a play ? 1/5


You want to write your first play but you don't know where to start ? We are here to advise you !

Writing is an exciting activity that can take many forms. But when you want to tackle writing a play, the work can quickly become laborious and you don't know which way to approach it. 

Let's take a look at some guidelines to help you get started ! 

Choose a theme, a project. Start with a desire

The first thing you should ask yourself is : what do you want to talk about ? What are the themes that touch you and that you want to address in your piece ?

Choose a theme that touches you and that you want to explore. Is it a cause you want to defend, like ecology or feminism ? A universal subject like love or family ? A more personal aspect such as an event or a person you know ? A work that inspired you ? 

It is by looking for the desire within yourself that you will keep the motivation and pleasure to work on your project! 

Once you have found your theme, you will now have to refine it. 

Developing your theme 

Topics such as love or freedom are beautiful concepts but need to be treated in a more precise and personal way. 

Ask yourself what your personal relationship is with this topic. How does it specifically affect you ? 

Try to cut out a more precise aspect of it. You can do this by keyword : by placing your subject in the center of a blank sheet of paper, write all around the words that come to you in connection with it. Once the sheet is full, take a colored pen and circle the words that seem most important to you. You may then see a more precise theme emerge from your initial desire. 

It is possible that this will make you change the subject. Having started with love, you are now passionate about the subject of adultery. The evolution of your subject will allow you to refine your desires. 

Repeat the process with your new word, until your final theme is clear and precise. 

You are now ready to approach the next phase.....