Overcome your shyness with theater ?


Your child is very shy and you think that theater could help him/her to express him/herself ? We tell you everything!

As you know better than anyone, introverted children have real treasures that they keep buried deep inside. 

When shyness becomes too big, it takes over social relationships and can really spoil their joy of living. 

Is theater a good way to overcome shyness? 

Amateur theater is a playful and benevolent approach to the use of the body and the voice. 

By encouraging a group approach, with exercises that do not focus on a single individual, your child will gradually take pleasure in expressing himself and taking his place. These exercises and games, all based on verbal and physical expression, will give your child tools and confidence in his ability to express himself without consequences or fear of ridicule. 

It is also an opportunity to meet other friends of the same age and to bring them together around a non-competitive passion : the stage ! What could be more motivating than a project carried out by a whole group ? The pride and joy of going on stage at the end of the year and presenting one's work will reward and concretize all the efforts made during the year, consolidating a greater self-confidence

By learning to express themselves more easily, your child will also develop tools that they will be able to use in other areas, such as school or group sports. 

What safeguards? 

Even though acting is a safe hobby, it is important to find a class where performance and competition are not the focus.

Take the time to talk to the teacher who teaches the class to make him/her aware of this. Teachers must be able to listen and be patient and caring with your child. It is important to find ways to motivate your child without pushing him/her beyond his/her limits. 

Listen to your child and how he or she feels. It is normal for the first few classes to be tinged with apprehension, but this should not become a chore! 

Where to go ? 

At Apolline, we offer acting classes at all levels and we listen to your child's needs! Don't hesitate to contact us to discuss.