Voice work in theater 2/3: breathing


The voice is the actor's main tool on stage. How to master this tool which requires a certain practice and a specific training ?

What is it about ? 

In the field of theater, the work of the voice on stage can be classified into three main categories: 

  • Articulation 
  • Breathing 
  • Power 

We have already seen previously the work of articulation. 

Today we will be interested in the work of breathing. It is the work of the breath which will allow to place correctly the voice and to increase the vocal power.

Where to start? 

As for singers, the breath of actors is central in the work of the voice. The artist will use what is called ventral breathing.

To locate this belly breathing, proceed as follows: 

Lie comfortably on a firm floor and relax. 

Place one hand on your belly and the other hand on your solar plexus. 

Breathe naturally and try to feel where the breath naturally goes in your body.

Now breathe "through your belly" by making your belly expand when you breathe in (stay relaxed), your hand should rise under your breath. 

Breathe slowly and deeply. 

Once you are comfortable with this breathing, do the exercise standing up, staying relaxed, with your body straight.

It is this belly breathing, relaxed on the inhale and in control on the exhale, that will allow you to develop a powerful breath, which will be our central tool for all voice work. It is this breathing that will also allow us to work on vocal power without injuring ourselves. 

Where can I take lessons to improve my voice? 

At Apolline we offer very complete acting classes, the first part of the class is dedicated to specific warm-ups to allow actors to develop the right tools for their career. We also have singing classes that can be a valuable base for this voice work. 

Don't hesitate to come to the classes that interest you! At Apolline, we are committed to providing students with a warm and welcoming environment in which they can develop with confidence.