Voice work in theater 3/3 : vocal power

puissance vocale

The voice is the actor's main tool on stage. Here are some techniques to master this tool which requires some practice and specific training.

What is it about? 

In the field of theater, the work of the voice on stage can be classified into three main categories: 

  • Articulation 
  • Breathing 
  • Power 

We have already seen previously the work of articulation as well as the work of breathing which I encourage you to consult, a good breathing being absolutely necessary to the development of a form of vocal power. 

Because today we are going to focus on vocal power. And as I was telling you just now, it is the work of the breath that will allow you to place your voice correctly and to increase your vocal power. 

Where to start ? 

Once you have mastered good belly breathing, you are now ready to tackle your vocal power.

It is important to master this controlled breathing so as not to force your vocal cords by tightening your throat. You could end up with an extinction of your voice or even a nodule!

Practice moderately at first. Start by placing a hand on your belly while practicing the different exercises that allow you to check that you have placed your breath correctly. 

Open your jaw wide while remaining relaxed and make the "A" sound for the duration of your breath. Do not force the end of your breath. When you have reached the end of that first breath, relax and let your belly naturally fill with air. The control, the "belly tension" is done during the exhalation of the voice, not the inhalation.

Once you are comfortable with this exercise, you can gradually increase your vocal power. Stay aware of your physical sensations and never force yourself. 

Stare at a point in front of you, stand up straight, knees slightly bent, solar plexus open, one hand on your stomach and jaw relaxed. As you develop these sensations and this technique, you will gradually be able to use them on stage as well, like second nature. 

Where can I take classes to improve? 

At Apolline we offer very complete acting classes, the first part of the class is dedicated to specific warm-ups to allow actors to develop the right tools for their career. We also have singing classes that can be a valuable base for this voice work. 

Don't hesitate to come to the classes that interest you! At Apolline, we are committed to providing students with a warm and welcoming environment in which they can develop with confidence.