Which acting course to choose? 1/5: Improvisation

Choosing an acting class when you've never taken one can be a daunting task. How do you find your way through the various existing practices to find THE course that will suit you ?

Which approaches ?

Are you interested in starting theater or do you already practice it and wish to open yourself to other approaches? 

The first step in orienting yourself is to understand the different options available. That's what we're going to look at together here! 

In the abundant offer of theater courses, you will find 4 recurrent offers : 

- improvisation 

- theater of the body 

- text work in theater 

- text work in film 

- musical comedy 


The first acting class that we will approach today is improvisation. 

The improvisation classes are organized around themes given by the teacher. The students then have a moment of group work where they decide together on the key elements: 

- the roles of each person 

- the tone (humor, drama, absurdity...) 

- the basic situation and the problem 

- the end 

They then present their scene, without having had time to decide on all the subtleties of their acting and their exchanges, forcing them to improvise according to the actions of each. 

By working through improvisation, the apprentice actor works on his listening skills, his spontaneity, his sense of humor and learns to defend his place. 

The practice of improvisation can be done from the first beginners classes to a professional level. There are different improvisation leagues that compete in international matches. 

Shows of professionals practicing the technique of improvisation on stage are also accessible to the general public, in particular the shows of the improvised musical comedy or Casting on Lausanne. 

Where to go ? 
Would you like to try improvisation classes? Try our theater workshops organized in February