Which text to choose for an audition? 1/7 : Classical text for women


You are going to audition for a school, a casting or an internship ? But you don't know which text to choose ? We are here to help you !

You will regularly find four categories of texts that you will be asked to audition for the theatre, namely : 

  • Classical texts 
  • Contemporary texts 
  • Monologues 
  • The free courses 

Today we are going to focus on classical women's texts. 

We speak of classical texts for texts generally going in a repertoire between the 16th century and the end of the 19th century

Below is a list of dialogue for women in lead roles with a female line

  • The Game of Love and Chance (Marivaux, Act I, Scene I): Silvia - Lisette 
  • Les Femmes Savantes (Molière, Act 1, scene 1) : Henriette - Armande
  • The Misanthrope (Molière, Act III, scene 4) : Célimène - Arsinoé

And here mixed scenes for a woman in the main role with a male line:

  • Le malade imaginaire (Molière, Act II, scene 8) : Louison - Argan 
  • Le médecin malgré lui (Molière, Act I, scene 1) : Sganarelle - Done Elvire 
  • Les femmes savantes (Molière, Act IV, scene 3) : Clitandre - Trissotin 
  • Dom Juan (Act I, scene 3) : Done Elvire - Sganarelle 
  • The Game of Love and Chance (Marivaux, Act I, scene 7) : Silvia - Dorante 
  • Richard III (Shakespeare, Act I, scene 2) : Richard - Lady Anne
  • Les fourberies de Scapin (Molière, Act III, scene 3) : Zebinette - Géronte

Start by reading the entire play to understand the issues.

Preferably choose texts that speak to you personally and that are fairly close to your age. 

Have an outside view ? 

Before you start, think about practicing in public! A sharp eye will help guide you in your staging and interpretation. 

At Apolline, you can ask our teachers for advice in our acting classes dedicated to interpretation!