Which text to choose for an audition? 7/7: Free course

parcours libre

You are going to audition for a school, a casting or an internship? But you don't know which text to choose? We are here to help you!

You will regularly find four categories of texts that you will be asked to audition for the theatre, namely 

  • Classical texts 
  • Contemporary texts 
  • Monologues 
  • The free courses 

Today we are going to focus on the free courses ! 

You will find here proposals for male and female monologues as well as classical texts for men and women and a selection of contemporary texts for women and men

What is a free course? 

At your audition, you will likely be asked to present a non-textual aspect of your art. 

Be sure to read the requirements and guidelines. 
The free rounds are an opportunity for you to showcase an artistic talent that you possess, whether it be mastering an instrument, singing, dancing, juggling or why not ventriloquism? 

The free course should reflect your talents and personality. Don't try to do an art that you don't know well, but rather try to reinterpret a theme or a work that moves you. 

You don't have to be a master of anything other than the stage. Nothing prevents you for example from slamming a text, a song, a poem that you particularly like. 

You are more at ease with your body without mastering dance ? Create a body scene from scratch based on a personal theme. 

Be creative and let your inner world flow! It is your personality and your particularity that will make the difference. 

Keep it short and punchy, be concise, you will stay longer in the mind of the jury if you have surprised them than if you drag on. And above all, have fun! 

An outside eye? 

Before you start, think about practicing in public! A sharp eye will help guide you in your staging and your interpretation. 

At Apolline, you can ask our teachers for advice in our acting classes dedicated to interpretation!