Which theater course to choose? 4/5: working with text in film

Le jeu devant la caméra

Choosing an acting class when you've never taken one can be a daunting task. Since there are different approaches to the stage and acting, how do you find your way through the various existing practices to find the approach that will suit you ?

Which approaches?

As we have already seen in "Which acting course to choose? 1/5: Improv" as well as in the articles "Theatre of the Body" and "Working with text in theater", there are several approaches to acting that allow us to approach the art of the stage.

Each approach has its own particularities, which will allow each of us to develop specific skills. 

Today, we are going to focus on a very specific form: Text work in Film !  

What is it about ? 

It might seem strange, at first glance, to differentiate between theatrical acting and film acting. However, these neighboring arts are approached in very different ways. Indeed, in the theater, the actor must project his voice powerfully enough for the whole room to hear. Similarly, his gestures and expressions will be more pronounced, allowing everyone to see his experience and his intentions. 

Conversely, acting in front of a camera tends to accentuate the expressions of the actors. This particularity will require a lot of work to learn how to play "small". 

Working with text in cinema therefore requires both a classical practice (learning the text, working on intentions and staging) but also very precise work on expressing emotions in a sincere but discreet way. 

Where to practice ? 

At Apolline, we have at heart to help our young people evolve in the approach that suits them best. Thus, if a first approach to the stage via a more classical acting class is a good start, the work of acting in the cinema can be considered according to the requests and needs of the students (preparation of an audition, a film, etc.)

Our regular acting classes will open next fall and we look forward to seeing you there! Don't hesitate to sign up. And if in the meantime, you would like to test your acting skills, we invite you to join us during our acting workshops in February !