Which theater course to choose? 5/5: the musical

Comédie musicale

Choosing an acting class when you've never taken one can be a daunting task. There are indeed different approaches to the stage and acting: how to orient yourself in the different existing practices to find the approach in which to blossom ?

Which approaches ?

As we have already seen in "Which acting course to choose? 1/5: Improv" and in the articles "Theatre of the Body", "Working with text in Theatre", and finally in the article "Working with text in Cinema", there are several approaches to acting that allow us to approach the pleasure of the stage.

Each approach has its own particularities, which will allow each of us to develop specific skills and varied pleasures. 

Today, we are going to look at an original form of theater: the musical ! 


What is it about ? 

The musical is a very special production because it brings together three performing arts: theater, dance and singing! The actors who perform in these shows have acquired a solid training in these disciplines in order to switch from one art to another and to know how to handle and enrich their palette by combining them.

Indeed, the artist on stage will have to dance while singing, sing while interpreting and play while respecting a very precise choreography! 

This complex and global mastery will push the apprentice actor to develop his skills in all domains and to know how to be versatile. 


Where to practice ? 

Specific teachers for each discipline are needed to provide quality instruction and progress in each of these areas. 

At Apolline we are pleased to offer a variety of courses in all areas. For example, theater classes are offered at our school, as well as singing classes ! 

In a second step, however, it will be necessary to learn to combine these newly acquired skills. This is how we will set up, from the beginning of the school year, musical comedy classes, combining the teaching of our different teachers to perfect this complex and magnificent art ! 

So, ready to perform?