Why are mangas so popular with young people?

Historical approach of the worldwide success of manga among young people, and not only...

Why are mangas so popular with young people?

Golgo 13, One Piece, Black Jack, Dragon Ball, Naruto or Bleach; Here are some examples of a list of best-sellers that are endless. Common point? These Japanese mangas have flooded the western culture for a few decades already. What are the key elements of such a success? Why does this literary style resonate so strongly with young people around the world?

A little history...

At the end of the Second World War, America wished to build a bulwark against communism and thus promote their democratic and capitalist model throughout the world. More than political, this great ideological campaign will have an important cultural influence on several Asian countries. The latter, including Japan, were going to be fed with American movies, comics and other comic books in a process of "Americanization". The young artist Osamu Tezuka, considered the father of modern Manga, discovered Walt Disney's big-eyed characters. It was in the 70's and 80's that some western TV channels started to broadcast Japanese anime for young people, with programs that were very popular in France such as Club Dorothée or Récré A2. Young people, then used to basic scenarios like a cat chasing a mouse, will discover a much richer and more complex narrative style that will immerse them in a deeper immersion. New themes such as betrayal, death, loyalty, friendship... are addressed in space and supernatural adventures. A huge novelty for children's programs!

This power of narration is going to cross the ages and explains in part the success of mangas towards the general public. The competition between mangakas having become fierce over time, each chapter must be dynamic and catchy for the benefit of more and more qualitative works. The offer has been strongly diversified so that each age group can find its account.   

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