Why go to the theater?

In the age of streaming, of the ultra accessible, of the free, of the immediate, going to the theater has almost become an act of resistance. But what does this art bring us more ? 

A bubble out of time 

The technology that allows us to pause at any moment, slicing the contents in small pieces that we carry from the dining room, to the bed, passing by the bath and the kitchen, diminish with them our capacity to remain focused and present to a single activity. 

The theater, therefore, allows a bubble outside of time, outside of external stimuli (thank you ALL to turn off your cell phones, these are not empty words). For one or two hours, we are caught up in a story, a performance, presences on stage who give intensely of themselves. We are invited to enter fully into a fiction that will prevent us, by its form, to escape. 

A living art 

To go to the theater is to make an alliance with the art of the living. It is to give flesh to the culture. It is to get out of the bulimic consumption that we make of the media, the series, the online videos, that we ingest all day long without even being fully conscious of it. It is to savor a unique object, which will not exist twice, because its interpretation is specific to this precise moment. It is finally, to make again the link with the other, the living, and in presence. And it is everything that we have missed so much, and that continues to be missed in this period of pandemic. 

Yes, but for whom? 

Despite its image, theater is not reserved for an intellectual elite. From the earliest ages, offers are made, through places like Le petit théâtre in Lausanne or Am Stram Gram in Geneva. Theater courses are available for young and old! Assistance through the Culture Card also allows tight budgets to have access. So that, all together, we can meet and (re) discover the magic of the stage!