Jérémie Marguerat was born on March 6, 1996, and spent his childhood between Lausanne and Morges. From his earliest years, he developed an ardent passion for drawing and comics. Manga and comics soon enriched his collection, oscillating between epic, fantastic and horrific universes.

After completing his gymnasium training in visual arts, Jérémie combines his love of drawing with a growing infatuation for biology and nature observation. In 2019, he joins the Geneva School of Comics and Illustration (ESBDI). There, he combines his passion for nature and drawing, realizing how essential it is to understand biology in order to represent both the real and imaginary worlds. His work, ranging from pencil drawings to digital creations, fuses manga and Franco-Belgian comic-book styles.

For Jérémie, it's both exciting and gratifying to guide and support young up-and-coming artists, seeing the process as an enriching adventure for all.