Festivals in French-speaking Switzerland not to be missed (1/2)


It's impossible not to find the right shoe!

Cultural events are blooming all over Switzerland as spring looks towards summer. The same goes for festivals that are waking up after a 3-year forced hibernation. In this article, Apolline offers you her selection of spring musical events in French-speaking Switzerland that you should not miss! 


From June 2 to 4, the Corbak marks its return to the Chaux-du-Milieu for a 26th edition full of colors. This festival is characterized by its family atmosphere, with an eclectic program. You will find Swiss artists such as Stephan Eicher, Emilie Zoé as well as international artists like Carolina Katùn. On Saturday afternoon, the festival is temporarily transformed into "Corbak'ids", a moment dedicated to children from 2 to 4 years old with a program offering various games and syrup bars.


Are you a fan of electronic music and cocktails sipped in front of a panoramic view? This festival is for you! The Chocolate Festival showcases the most promising DJs in the region while offering an array of confirmed international DJs. Their stages take place next to the pyramids of Vidy on the lake side in Lausanne, on June 3rd and 4th.


The Geneva Arena is transformed into a temple of French-speaking rap in the space of an evening. The biggest heavyweights of the genre such as Niska, Freeze Corleone, Luv Resval, Frenetik or Gazo will share the stage for an evening that promises to be full of pogos. Hip-Hop fans, this evening of June 4th is not to be missed! 


The Neuchâtel festival will be back with its Young Rovers from June 9 to 12 after 3 years. A large-scale Swiss cultural event, its program will appeal to audiophiles of all backgrounds. For the headliners of 2022, you will find the precise and energetic rock of Royal Blood, the fresh and inclusive francophone pop of Clara Luciani, the revolutionary electro of Justice or the sunny texts and melodies of the Marseilles-based SCH, to name but a few. Hurry up, there are only a few places left:


Considered as the little brother of the Paléo festival, the Caribana has nothing to be ashamed of. Located at the port of Crans-près-Céligny, it offers a magnificent setting to the 30'000 festival-goers who come there 5 days a year. Formed in 1990 by a group of friends, the values of respect for the public and the environment advocated since the launch of the festival remain intact. The program is rich and varied, the volunteers will give you a warm welcome. You just have to plan the dates from June 15th to 19th.  

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