How to draw feet?

Here is a technique to draw feet easily!

When we want to draw manga comics, we have Naruto in our head and we think of his crazy adventures. But Masashi Kishimoto, mangaka, designer of Naruto, had to go through another kind of adventure which is the one of the discovery of the human body, of the anatomy and of course of the drawing lessons. If you want to draw nice shapes for your characters, you will have to go through this adventure too! 

In every part of the body there are muscles, bones, tendons and nerves. Here we will see how to make feet in a simple way, by identifying different parts of the foot. 

parties du pied


To draw a foot in profile

1) For the ankle, draw a circle with two lines on each side.

2) For the heel, draw a larger circle, underneath, slightly backwards.

3) For the front of the foot, draw a smaller circle at the front, further back if the foot is big, closer if it is a small foot.

4) For the big toe, draw a rounded shape at the end of the front circle. 

5) For the sole of the foot, connect the bottom of the two circles, leaving the edge of the circles a little longer.

6) For the top of the foot, connect the bottom of the ankle circle to the front circle.

7) Finalize with the outline adding more curve if desired, the malleolus which is the small bone at the bottom of the ankle and the nail. 

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pied profil


To draw a walking foot

Repeat the same steps but:

  • Has the heel tilted, placing the forefoot circle lower. 
  • The toes stay flat. 

pied marche

To draw the feet from the front

Repeat the same steps but: 

  • place the heel circle below the ankle circle.
  • place the forefoot circle either slightly to the side below the heel circle if you are drawing a slightly three-quarter foot, or perfectly below the heel if you are drawing a front foot. The front of the foot is less distant and larger than for the foot in profile. 
  • Draw the circles of the big toes bigger and inward and then the other four smaller toes.
  • Draw the nails. When you see the feet from the front, you can see the curvature of the tip of the nail bulging upwards. 

pied face


If all went well, this technique will have allowed you to draw pretty feet! If not, don't be discouraged, it takes a lot of practice to succeed. So don't hesitate to look for pictures of feet in many different positions and copy them. You can fill in pages of feet until you understand the different parts and how to draw them well. You can also look at your own feet and add details like tendons, or more curves, that we haven't seen in these explanations to draw simpler feet. Courage to you and never forget to have fun!

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