How to have a good stage presence?

Présence scénique et jeu

We often speak of "presence" in theater when talking about an actor or actress who has made an impression on us, but what is it really about? What makes up a rich and subtle performance?

The body in play

The actor or actress has learned and interprets with more or less brilliance a text for us. But this represents only a small part of their work. These interpreters, to give depth and experience to their text, will have to put themselves entirely into play, through their body, their voice, their look...

This is why it is necessary, for a young person who wishes to launch himself on the screen or on stage, to also develop movement and the body, and not only the diction and the text. 

What tools ? 

For the apprentice actor, this will mean developing and sharpening his or her gestural awareness, his or her body, his or her voice and his or her look. These different elements will allow him to reinforce his stage presence and the accuracy of his performance. 

The body is an anchor point for sensory experiences and for the life that goes through us and this remains true in the interpretation. Becoming aware of our body's palette of play allows us to give depth to the character: a man is racked by guilt but tries to put on a good face, his text is quite harmless and light, but his uneasiness will be reflected in his posture, his breathing rhythm, by breaking eye contact more often than necessary. A woman is terrorized by an imminent threat but must not let anything of her trouble show in front of the enemy, an assertive and strong tone hides nevertheless some tremors, a stiff posture, an impossibility to turn the back to the danger which must be felt in the body of the interpreter. 

These subtleties make it possible to create, as if by superimposed layers, a richness and a depth that will lead the spectators to enter into connivance with what is being experienced. To vibrate with. 

Where to go ? 

To learn more, sign up for our February workshops. We offer courses based on a very corporal approach of the actor, in order to develop and sharpen your gestural awareness, your body positions, your voice and your look. 

The workshops are adapted according to the age (children, teenagers), the number of participants and the space available. They are for anyone interested in acting and/or personal development.