How to overcome stage fright before going on stage?


Some useful tips

With sweaty hands and a tight throat, your heart is only increasing the tempo. In a few moments, you are going to go on stage but you are overwhelmed by stage fright. How can you better cope with this situation? Can you transform stage fright into positive energy? Here are some tips to remedy this phenomenon known by many artists.  

relax your body and mind

It seems obvious, but relaxing your body in the midst of a stressful situation is not always that easy. Stretch your arms, legs and neck. At the same time, hum your lines or make a mental representation of the upcoming performance. This will increase your concentration while being relaxed. 

Positive thinking

Stage fright stems from a primary fear: the fear of judgment by a group of people, which results in failure and disapproval. It's not uncommon to be overwhelmed by a series of worst-case scenarios just before you hit the stage. To counteract this, force your brain to change these thoughts. Decrease your guilt, tell yourself that you have the right to make mistakes and that the people present are there for you and for your good. Take some distance, because if you send positive vibes to your audience, there is a big chance that they will send you back. 

Have worked

There are no miracles. Working on your performance is an effective protection against stress. Mastering your subject then allows you to change this stage fright into energy of exaltation. You experience fewer negative thoughts because feeling ready acts as a remedy. Much like in school, rehearsing for a test the night before is rarely beneficial, both for the anxiety that precedes it and for the result that follows.  

Getting a feel for the place

Before the doors open, it's a good idea to walk around the audience and throughout the venue to get a feel for the energy of the place. Talk to the technical staff, go on stage and get in shape during the sound check. You will then make the space your own and transform the room into a second home. 


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