How to practice drums without disturbing your neighbors? (2/2)

Several alternatives to progress on the drums without disturbing those around you

How to practice drums without disturbing your neighbors? (2/2)

The silent drum

It does exist! This alternative allows to reduce the noise pollution while keeping the sensations of a real drum like the bounces for example. However, this solution remains relatively expensive. Indeed, you have to buy a complete set that you fix on your standard drum set. The mesh heads are skins made of holes, which sound almost like acoustic drums, with a sound intensity reduced by almost 80%. You can also stretch the heads more or less to tune your drums to your liking. On the other hand, silent drums dampen the dynamics, which can make it difficult to switch to an acoustic drum set.

Drum without drum

A good drummer is characterized first and foremost by his sense of rhythm. Learning rimshots, rolls and other techniques are still important, but working on your groove can be done anywhere. With the help of a table or notebook and a pair of drumsticks, you can learn basic rhythms such as rounds, quarter notes and eighth notes. Feel free to tap your foot to simulate bass drum hits and practice your foot/hand coordination. You can also get a rubber pad to work on your rhythms. Clearly, this approach is not expensive, but it is also not enough to really learn to play the drums. It is a first step before you buy a real drum set.     


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