How to write a play? 5/5 Choosing a style


You want to write your first play but you don't know where to start ? We are here to advise you !

Writing is an exciting activity that can take many forms. But when you want to tackle writing a play, the work can quickly become laborious and you don't know which way to approach it. 

Let's take a look at some tips to guide your first steps in the field! 

First, here are some tips to help you choose a theme! Once you've settled on a theme, you can start building your characters. 

You now have the first tools to write your plot.

You're almost there, but don't forget that this is theater! Before you start, read the elements of playwriting to build your dialogue.

It's time to finalize your work, so you can start working on your style now! 

Creating a style 

As you probably know, theater comes in many forms. From classical to contemporary theater, here are some key references that will give you an idea of the main works and their literary style. 

Now, it's up to you : do you want to stay in a very "classical" writing, respecting a linear temporality, characters who are introduced one after the other, according to the events? 

Or perhaps you are interested in exploring a less conventional path, allowing yourself some freedom in the temporality? Working around the theme more than the characters? Working with rehearsal patterns or basing your play on a "play machine" (a set that will play a central role in the construction of the play) ? 

Anything is possible, but be consistent in your choices. Once you have chosen a track, a style, don't change it, at least for the duration of the play. 

I strongly recommend that you read theater in parallel with your work, in order to find what inspires you the most, the paths you wish to explore and gradually develop your artistic "paste". 

Do not hesitate to ask for proofreading. It's important that your message be understood and it will be difficult for you to be sure without external feedback. 

And above all, have fun! Art is a wonderful opportunity to create and grow. 

So get to your pens!