The improvised musical comedy

A show full of surprises/NODE/857

Do you enjoy musical comedy and theatrical improvisation? See you on October 7 and 8 at the multi-cultural and social center of Ouchy. 


The Improvised Musical Comedy (IMC) troupe has been offering for 10 years now a daring show: 80 minutes of performance played, danced, sung, and especially improvised from A to Z. In addition to being exclusive to each performance, the theme of the show is influenced by the audience who submit keywords and other suggestions to the actors. In the words of the IMC, "With this tenth season, we blow out the candles with inspiration and burn the boards with poetry!" 

Successful journey

In 10 years of existence, the troupe has not been idle. It has more than 250 public, school and institutional performances in several cities in Switzerland and France. In 2014, it was a special guest at the Fête de la Musique and even won a place on the poster for the 2015 Paléo Festival. The success of the CMI is also due to its ability to adapt to the environments in which it evolves. In fact, the CMI concept is divided into several categories: the classical formula, the "Familiomédie" for a young audience, the "Micromédie" for small venues and finally the CMI "de Rue" version. 

Theater at Apolline? 

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