Pourquoi utiliser un carnet à spirales ?

Le guide par nos professeurs BD/Manga

Continued from our article “Why do your sketches in red?”, we present you today the different supports to draw and preserve your creations. Of course, you can draw simply on cheaper blocks, bound notebooks or paper pockets, but the best support remains the spiral notebook. 

First of all, it allows you to lay flat to draw, especially as it has a cardboard sheet, which helps you to draw anywhere, outdoors as well as indoors. Then, it allows you to easily turn the pages, and to finish, a considerable advantage, the sheets of the drawings that you considered imperfect can be quickly detached, giving the satisfaction of a notebook full of successful drawings.

If you are following or intend to follow Manga classes, You will discover that to draw a Manga, there are spiral notebooks perfectly adapted to this discipline. For example, the Manga Layout & Illustration paper from Hahnmühle Fineart is specially designed for this purpose. It will make a beautiful spiral notebook for a beautiful rendering of your sketches to present to your friends, family and Manga teachers.

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