What are the best mangas?


Discover our top 20!

Attack of the Titans

This manga by Hajime Isayama plunges us into a city surrounded by huge walls in order to protect humans from the titans, giants that have ravaged the world. With a rather violent side (sensitive souls abstain) this manga will keep you on the edge of your seat all along!

One Piece

Eiichirô Oda's manga is simply the best-selling manga of all time. To introduce it once again, it is the story of Luffy, a pirate who wants to become the king of pirates, surrounded by his most zany crew.


Masashi Kishimoto's shônen has left its mark on many people. With the story of an orphaned ninja who gives his all to achieve his ambitions, it is an inspiration to young and old alike.

Hunter X Hunter

This manga by Yoshihiro Togashi tells the story of Gon, a young boy, who wants to become a hunter (adventurer and bounty hunter) like his father. Another shônen where the hero must surpass himself to achieve his dream!

My Hero Academia

Koshei Horikoshi's series is based on a fantasy superhero universe. It is a typical mix of Japanese culture and American comics.

Dragon Ball

Akira Toriyama's manga is the second best selling manga in the world. It is also part of the shonen genre, with Son Goku, a young boy with extraordinary strength. We follow his adventures, surrounded by his friends, fighting many adversaries.

Demon Slayer

The story imagined by Koyoharu Gotôg is about a young merchant who tries to save his little sister who has been transformed into a demon.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

This manga, created by Hirohiki Araki, tells the story of Jojo, a young man who is heir to a noble English family. But his brother tries to rob him of his due.


This seinen created by Kentaro Miura takes place in a medieval fantasy universe. We follow the adventures of Guts, a warrior subjected to a troop of mercenaries, who tries to find his freedom. This manga is aimed at a slightly more adult audience, due to its darkness and graphic style.

Death Note

The manga by Tsuguzmi Oba and Takeshi Obata is about a cursed notebook, which falls into the hands of a young man. Indeed, the notebook allows to kill the one whose name is written in it...


The series imagined by Tite Kubo is about a teenager who becomes a demon hunter.

Dr Stone

The manga born from the collaboration between Riichiro Ingaki and Boichi takes place in a post-apocalyptic universe. A young man finds himself in a completely fossilised world. From then on, his goal is to rebuild humanity.

Seven Deadly Sins

This shônen by Nakaba Susuki tells the story of a young woman who tries to find seven legendary knights to save the kingdom. The knights represent the deadly sins.

Fullmetal Alchemist

Hiromu Arakawa's script is about two brothers who are determined to revive their dead mother. To achieve this, they train in alchemy, but everything does not go as planned.

Black Butler

A 12 year old aristocrat lives in a manor house with her servants. We follow her adventures, which go from drama to detective stories to the supernatural. The shônen was created by Yann Toboso.


Key Sanbe's work tells the story of a mangaka who is struggling to launch his career. But he has an original talent that allows him to go back in time to correct a drama. This manga is particularly suitable for fans of thrillers.


This shôjo, created by the talented Ai Yazawa, is about two young women with the same name. They meet by chance and their destiny is now linked forever. It is a fairly adult manga, which deals with subjects such as the complexity of relationships, love and emotional dependence.

One Punch Man

In this manga by Yusuke Murata, we follow a sad man who decides to become a superhero overnight. This series stands out for its humour and irony.


Mihona Fuji presents us with a lively shôjo, which follows eccentric high school girls. We discover many aspects of Japan in the 1990s. Both touching and funny, it is aimed at a young girl audience.

Here is a small list of suggestions of manga to discover and especially to read.

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