Holiday camps

Introduction to Apolline's vacation camps for children

Our Apolline school offers various types of art courses and camps during the vacations. Discover our offers and create the perfect vacation for your child! You can choose to take an activity in the mornings, afternoons, or both, making up a complete week with lunchtime supervision (subject to availability).

How does it work? Go to our registration form and simply select the morning and/or afternoon activity. Finalize the registration and check your mailbox for confirmation (don't forget to check your spam folder if you don't receive anything ;). Pay the bill and... It's done! Your favorite little boy's vacation is ready!


Testimonials and experiences

There's nothing like the words of those who have lived the Apolline adventure to illustrate the impact of our workshops. Here are just a few comments from our participants and their parents, testifying to the unforgettable moments and skills acquired:

Roxane Z. - 5 stars on Google

My daughter took the Manga and Comics summer course. She loved it, advanced her technical and artistic knowledge, the teacher was great, competent and friendly. She recommends this course!

Myriam G. - 5 stars on Google

My daughter really enjoys the courses! The quality of teaching is excellent! The teachers are very caring. I highly recommend them.

Enza V. - 5 stars on Google

My son took part in a vacation course and loved his week. Thank you

These testimonials are just a glimpse of the myriad of positive experiences we have the pleasure of hearing about. Each story is a testament to Apolline's passion and commitment to enriching children's lives through art.

Explore Apolline's Holiday Camps and Internships

Apolline, present in several towns in French-speaking Switzerland, is the ideal meeting place for budding young artists. Our workshops offer intensive courses in comics/Manga drawing, acting and singing, as well as camps dedicated to musical comedy in full-week (6 h per day) or half-week (3 h per day, Sing & Move) formats. Our activities take place during the day, and the children return home after the day's activities. They do not sleep on site, and no accommodation is provided. But the experience is highly immersive and captivating.

Each session, from Monday to Friday, is designed to maximize learning and creativity over 3 hours, with a choice of timetables: opt for our morning classes from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. or our afternoon classes from 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. You can also choose two activities to create a complete week for your child! Our courses are available in several towns in French-speaking Switzerland: Geneva, Etoy, Lausanne, Montreux, Yverdon, Sion, Neuchâtel, Nyon, Vevey and Fribourg. Find out what's available where: visit our online form, where all activities are listed by location, dates and ages:


Kids & Teens Manga Workshop - Apolline
Musical Comedy Workshop - Apolline

Practical information and registration

Registration Open : Join Les Stages d'Apolline and Experience Unforgettable Holidays

Apolline is proud to present a range of artistic camps that take place throughout the year, extracurricular. Each camp offers the opportunity to immerse oneself fully in the world of visual art, music, theater, musical comedy or stage expression, enriching creativity and personal qualities.

BD/Manga: Aspiring Mangakas, Illustrators and Cartoonists


Our manga drawing workshops are an invitation to plunge into the world of Japanese comics, comic books or Belgian comics, where every stroke of the pencil guides the imagination. Offered in half-day sessions, this camp offers flexibility for all schedules. It's open to children aged 6 to 16, and organized in groups: 6-10, 8-14 and 10-16.

Our online schedule lets you discover the different slots by age group. We make sure that everyone has the opportunity to come and learn with us throughout the year. This workshop can be grouped with a second one, creating a full week with pick-up during the lunch break (subject to availability).


Musical Comedy: A Creative Stage Adventure

The musical comedy workshops are a complete experience, running from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday to Friday. Students are invited to bring their own picnic, enjoying a convivial moment before returning to the stage. The five-day camp culminates in a show for families on Friday, celebrating the hard work and talent of our up-and-coming artists. For children aged 8 to 13 (flexible according to student experience).

Sing & Move: Movement, Singing and Acting

Our school's Sing & Move course offers a flexible musical theatre experience, in the same spirit as our musical theatre course, but less dense, as it takes place over half-days only. This allows children to choose another activity for the rest of their day, promoting greater freedom and the discovery of diverse interests. Participants explore singing, dancing and movement, and conclude the week with a performance in front of their families. This format is perfect for 8 - 14 year olds who want to immerse themselves in the performing arts while still leaving time for other activities.

Theater: Take to the Stage with Professional Actors

Discover our vacation theater workshop, an immersive training program where young actors explore the magic of performance, enrich their emotional expression and gain in confidence. Suitable for all levels, from 8 to 13 years old, this program encourages learning theatrical discipline while stimulating creativity and cooperation. For a more complete experience, it is possible to combine this workshop with another artistic training course, and benefit from full days of creative expression, including lunchtime supervision. An ideal opportunity to immerse yourself in the artistic world and develop skills that will be useful both on stage and in everyday life.

Chant : Give Voice to your Dreams

Immerse yourself in the world of music with our dedicated vocal workshop, designed to awaken and perfect musical talent from ages 8 to 16. 3 hours a day from Monday to Friday, participants will be immersed in a world of intensive vocal learning and creativity, exploring various musical styles and techniques that will enrich their stage presence and self-confidence. Classes focus on physical expression and interpretation, promising a rich and joyful experience. An intensive experience enables students to make great progress in a short period of time, and is an excellent solution for both those wishing to perfect their skills and those wanting to find out if singing is for them!

Registration and Participation

To register your child, please visit our online form where you'll find all the information you need: dates, ages, schedules, cities, etc... Here's your chance to nurture your child's artistic spirit in a stimulating and joyful environment ;)

Our vacation activities in more detail

Immerse yourself in our out-of-school programs

BD/Manga: Art of Drawing and Illustration at Apolline's

Our manga workshops are a creative adventure where every child, whatever their level, finds their own path in the art of drawing. From initiation to advanced techniques, our workshops are personalized to explore and refine individual artistic talent. Five days are transformed into an exciting illustration project, where imagination and stylistic freedom intermingle to give life to unique works.

To meet the needs of every child and teenager, our programs vary according to age group. The program for 6-10 year-olds is very playful, with the emphasis on exchange and fun, while our program for older children provides more technical keys and challenges. Always adapted to the child's level, our program aims to help everyone progress from where they are, cultivating the joy and pleasure that are essential to artistic progress.

To achieve this, the experience is imbued with play and discovery, cultivating the pleasure of drawing in a friendly, stimulating environment. The joy of learning and creative fulfillment are at the heart of every workshop.

Musical Comedy: A Dynamic Learning Stage

Our musical comedy workshops combine singing, acting and dancing, offering total immersion in the world of show business. Students develop their vocal skills, master the art of improvisation, and express themselves through dance under the guidance of our passionate experts. Each discipline is explored in depth during the 30 hours of classes that make up this program, and contributes to the preparation of a show on Friday, offering a complete and gratifying experience.

To ensure the highest quality and professional support, our musical theatre workshop is supervised by three apolline teachers. Singing, acting, dancing and directing are all covered by professionals in the field.

Sing & Move: An Introduction to Musical Comedy

The Sing & Move program is lighter and more flexible than our "Musical Comedy" program, perfectly suited to children who want to combine artistic learning with other activities. During this workshop, participants immerse themselves in the world of musical comedy through workshops focusing on singing, dancing and movement. Instructor Melie, with her expertise in the performing arts, guides children in learning simple choreography, developing stage presence and vocal expression, enabling them to explore their talents creatively and playfully.

Unlike our more intensive full musical theatre workshops, Sing & Move offers an experience that encourages children to express their creativity without the commitment of a full day. This leaves kids free to customize their schedule by adding another activity of their choice for the second half of the day. It's an ideal opportunity! Those who want to discover the world of performing arts can do so while retaining the flexibility to explore other passions or simply enjoy their free time.

Theater: Comedy with Mirko Rochat

At the heart of our theater workshop is the development of dramatic art in a stimulating environment and the encouragement of personal expression in a spirit of collaboration. Participants are introduced to improvisation, refine their acting technique, and learn to communicate their emotions with confidence. The program is designed not only to broaden their understanding of the environment, but also to enrich their personal and social development.

Sessions are dynamic, alternating between character creation, storytelling and stage performance, enabling all levels to discover and develop their potential. In addition, specific workshops can be grouped to form full days of artistic activities, ensuring in-depth experience and ongoing support, including during lunch breaks.

Singing : An Echo of Personal Expression

Our workshop offers young enthusiasts a platform to explore the infinite universe of singing and music. At the heart of this journey, participants will discover the power of their own voice and the richness of vocal expression, learning to master the technique of diaphragmatic breathing, correct tone and clear diction. Through interactive workshops, they will explore different musical genres, from classical to contemporary, enabling them to find the style that most resonates with their individuality.

Alongside these technical skills, the program places a strong emphasis on stage development and personal confidence. Young singers will practice stage presence and emotional interpretation, key elements for a captivating performance. Vocal improvisation and body movement sessions can also be offered, giving everyone the tools to freely express their creativity, while boosting their self-confidence.

What are the educational objectives of Apolline's courses for children?

Apolline's pedagogical approach is based on a fundamental principle: tailor-made support that adapts to the specific needs of each individual. Here are our objectives:

  • Cultivate Personal Expression: We encourage people to explore their own creative path, fostering a space where imagination and self-expression can flourish.
  • Reinforce Confidence and Autonomy: We guide you to develop confidence in your own talents, enabling you to take the initiative in your artistic projects.
  • Build Social and Emotional Competencies: We foster the development of empathy, mutual respect and collaboration, key skills for life in society.
  • Encourage Perseverance and Commitment: We value tenacity and determination, teaching the importance of being fully committed to whatever is undertaken.
  • Mastering Artistic Techniques: Depending on levels and interests, we provide precise and progressive technical instruction to hone artistic skills.
  • Open Cultural Horizons: We create windows onto diverse art forms and cultural traditions, enriching understanding and curiosity.
  • Ensuring Well-Being: A playful, caring environment is our backdrop, allowing for rejuvenation and fulfillment.

Personalized support is at the heart of our mission. Everyone receives individual attention that respects their learning pace and aspirations, ensuring an enriching experience in line with their needs.

Advantages and Benefits

Talent Development and Fun: The Multifaceted Benefits of our Children's Programs

At Apolline, we're convinced that learning through art makes a significant contribution to children's development. Our workshops, held outside school hours, offer much more than just a leisure activity; they are a platform for personal development, creative expression and the acquisition of essential life skills.

Artistic and Creative Awakening

Our programs encourage total immersion in the artistic world, fostering limitless expression where children's imaginations take flight. Through musical comedy, participants discover the joy of performance, while our art workshops cultivate patience, precision and perspective.

Self-confidence and collaboration

Each session is an opportunity for the children to build their confidence by performing in front of an audience, working as a team and creating lasting friendships. Our professional counsellors accompany each child on this journey, ensuring a safe and supportive learning environment.

Well-being and Educational Leisure

We firmly believe in the benefits of art for general well-being. Our workshops are havens where the stress of studying gives way to relaxation and fun, while providing structure and enrichment during holiday periods.

Learn more

We provide all the equipment needed for our courses so that our students can concentrate on their learning and creativity. They will also receive all the advice they need to make the most of it. We provide pencils, pens, paints, alcohol markers, light tablets, iPads and graphics tablets, Indian ink, Rotring, coloured pencils and much more. We have everything our budding artists need to express themselves creatively and produce high-quality drawings.

Everyone is welcome at all our holiday camps! We welcome beginners, intermediates and more advanced artists. We create a positive and caring atmosphere in our classes, so that everyone can progress at their own pace and develop their creativity. We're convinced of the benefits of bringing different levels together, creating a synergy that enhances connection and expression, while at the same time providing personalised support so that everyone can be challenged to their full potential. Don't hesitate, come and give it a try!

With regard to our extra-curricular activities, a family can benefit from a 10% sibling discount from the second child enrolled in any art camp. This means a price of CHF 261.-- (instead of CHF 290.--) for a 5 half-day camp, for example. A CHF 490 course costs CHF 441. We understand that parents are often very involved in their children's education and are keen to see how they are progressing. That's why we offer families regular monitoring, for parents who want to be kept informed of their child's progress. Our teachers are available and happy to discuss each course, week or workshop and can provide advice and recommendations to help the child achieve their goals. We look forward to working closely with parents to support their child's development and provide them with a positive and successful learning experience.

Our hand-picked teachers are professional Swiss artists, passionate and committed, who excel at passing on their knowledge through captivating classes suitable for all ages, but particularly for children and teenagers. They generously share their expertise, helping each participant to develop creatively and master new techniques. Creating a unique bond with each individual will be the key to successful artistic development. Each instructor brings a unique specialism, enriching the learning experience and enabling individual discovery, while fostering a warm and welcoming family atmosphere. Our mentors are dedicated to guiding each participant towards their own artistic goals, making them highly valued figures in their own right.

Our educational offer is designed to meet the interests of various age groups, but is mainly geared towards younger participants. Our daytime activities, which include a range of leisure options, are not open to adults. Instead, we offer weekly courses specially adapted for adults who want to improve their skills in different areas. These sessions focus on learning adapted to the level and aspirations of each individual. It is important to note that our activities are not aimed at whole families; rather, they are targeted at a smaller audience, allowing for a more personalised experience. In addition, we do not offer accommodation, as our courses are exclusively daytime. This allows participants to continue enjoying their usual family environment while exploring new activities during the day.

We offer placements in the following cantons: Fribourg, Geneva, Vaud, Neuchâtel, Valais and Jura. You'll find us in Lausanne, Geneva, Morges, Montreux, Yverdon, Sion, Fribourg and Neuchâtel, as well as Nyon and Vevey. Not all our offers are available everywhere yet! To find out more, visit our online schedule ;)

Education within our holiday programmes in Switzerland is built around a personalised and adaptive approach, aimed at meeting the individual needs of each participant, whatever their level of ability. Our school firmly believes that integrating participants from different levels creates an enriching synergy, facilitating social interaction and knowledge sharing. We are committed to nurturing creativity, believing that fun and good humour are essential to successful artistic learning. Through a variety of activities, including games, group meals, and workshops that can be real personal therapy, we create an environment where self-expression and the development of new artistic skills can flourish. Our workshops cover a wide range of artistic fields, including visual art, theatre, musical theatre and music, offering participants the opportunity to explore and develop their artistic expression of choice. Each area is approached with a methodology that encourages both collaboration and autonomy, allowing participants not only to hone their talents but also to contribute to a dynamic and interactive learning environment.

At our Swiss school, we are dedicated to providing an environment where participants can not only learn but also thrive through diverse educational experiences. We recognise that each student has unique potential, and our approach aims to nurture this through personalised programmes that combine creative leisure and practical learning. As accommodation is not provided, students enjoy their daily family life while exploring new skills during the day. Our offer includes sessions specially designed to build confidence, encourage cooperation and facilitate personal well-being. These experiences can turn into real art therapy, where every game and social interaction plays a crucial role in the academic and personal development of our participants. If your child is currently undergoing therapy, we encourage you to discuss the subject with his or her therapist, to assess whether an art experience would be appropriate! Art therapy often holds real potential, the value of which is not always fully appreciated.

At Apolline, every time of year, whether autumn, winter, spring or summer, offers a unique opportunity for your favourite rascal to immerse himself in our artistic programmes. Regardless of the season, our educational offerings remain constant, allowing for continuity in learning and creativity. These periods are all enriched by our stimulating environment, with no need to adjust the activities on offer. As far as accommodation is concerned, our offer is exclusively daytime. Budding artists return to the comfort of their own homes each evening, as Apolline does not provide accommodation. This structure allows Apolline's activities to integrate seamlessly into the families' daily routine, strengthening the link between artistic learning and family life. Our workshops are conducted in French, creating an ideal language immersion space for local talent. Although some of our teachers are fluent in English, we would like to make it clear that our classes are conducted in French and that we do not guarantee communication or teaching in English. Finally, to ensure everyone's well-being during the longer sessions, supervision is provided at lunchtime. Please remember to provide your little artist with a picnic lunch. This convivial break is an opportunity to recharge your batteries over a meal and share moments of camaraderie, while remaining immersed in a creative environment.

Across Lausanne, Geneva, Fribourg and Neuchâtel, Apolline's educational programmes run throughout the year, enriching participants' out-of-school experience by immersing them in art during the autumn, winter and spring-summer periods. Beyond the borders of our school, French-speaking Switzerland offers a wealth of opportunities for those looking to incorporate play and physical activity into their routine. Although Apolline's programmes focus exclusively on arts education and do not include sports or climbing, the picturesque environments of our towns and cities offer abundant options for those wishing to combine intellectual and physical work. Outdoor playgrounds and climbing opportunities in natural settings are readily available to enrich the educational experience and promote general well-being, while maintaining a balance between art and sport.


Courses Duration Prices
1 activity per day 5x3 hours a day 290.00 CHF
2 activities per day 5x6 hours a day + lunch break 490.00 CHF
Musical Comedy 5x6 hours per day + show 490.00 CHF

Course locations

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