After a childhood coloured by music, dance and theatre, Mélie began training in singing at the EJMA-VS and then at the Montreux Jazz Conservatory, and undertook studies in literature at the University of Lausanne. In 2007, she founded the music group Cepiia, which for more than 10 years offered a pocket rock opera on French lyrics that Mélie composed and performed. At the same time, she wrote for other artists and joined the theatre company De Chimères en Silènes. Always eager to expand her stage skills and deepen her body awareness, she takes salsa, samba and forro classes and is introduced to capoeira and yoga.

Since September 2017, she has been leading musical theatre workshops for children in Sion. The children collaborate in the creation of a show that Mélie writes and directs, and which they present at the end of the year. In her teaching approach, she values individual skills and affinities as well as the richness of personality that makes the group strong and the artistic production unique and wonderful.

Mélie also offers individual singing lessons. The aim is to accompany the student in the discovery of his or her voice, this fascinating instrument which is housed inside the student's own body and engages the whole body when it is played. Students improve their vocal technique, and develop rhythmic awareness and interpretation, by learning a song of their choice.

Mélie is currently training as a music therapist at the Ecole romande de musicothérapie in Geneva.