Which acting course to choose? (2/5)

Choosing an acting class when you've never taken one can be a daunting task. What are the different practices that exist and how do we find the approach that will suit us best?

Which approaches?

As we have already seen in "Which acting course to choose? 1/5: Improvisation", there are several approaches to theater that allow us to approach the art of performing.

Each approach has its own particularities, which will allow each one to develop specific skills. 

Today, we are going to look at a form that is a little less common in the theater, but just as exciting: the Theater of the Body. 

What is it? 

Theater of the Body is an artistic approach to acting based on movement, its expression and its theatricality. The actor's body is at the center of the subject, sometimes moving to a gesturality close to dance. It proposes listening and working on the breathing of a text through the experience of the body, the stage presence and the look. The actor's body is brought to engage in a dramatic corporality. This theater places the body at the center of artistic creation.


Where to practice ? 

Are you interested in the body approach? Then don't hesitate to register for the Theater february workshops! Our theater teacher is a graduate of the HETS psychomotricity department in Geneva since 2011 and has developed her own training workshop on movement and play.

Psychomotricity is first of all a concept: it is based on the interrelation between the motor functions and the psychic life of the individual, the body being considered as the anchor point of sensorimotor, emotional and affective, cognitive and social experiences.
Psychomotricity is also a scientific discipline since it is a pedagogical and therapeutic practice which places the bodily manifestations of the human being at the center of his affective and psychic life.

Psychomotricity therapy contributes to finding a balance between the motor functions and the psychic life of the person.

It is a resource for your child and his environment. It is also beneficial for adolescents, adults and seniors.

Psychomotricity therapists are here to help you benefit from their skills. "*

This workshop is based on a very corporal approach of the actor, in order to develop and sharpen his gestural awareness, his body positions, his voice and his look. These different elements will allow him to reinforce his stage presence and the accuracy of his acting. 

The workshops are adapted according to age (children, teenagers, adults), duration, number of participants and available space. They are intended for anyone interested in stage acting and/or personal development.