How to draw manga eyes?

The guide by our comic/Manga teachers

After having been interested in sketches in our article "Why do your sketches in red", after having approached the problem of the support in our article "why use a spiral notebook" we are now tackling a specificity of Manga drawing: "The eyes".
So how to draw easily Manga eyes? Of course by registering to our Manga classes in Lausanne, Morges or Montreux, but also...

First step, analysing and understanding Manga eyes 

It should be understood that the Manga drawing is a simplified version of the realistic drawing. It is therefore first necessary to analyse the elements of the eye in order to draw the simpler version, in this case in the manga style. In the image below we will break down the different points that make up an eye.

Draw an eye easily

There is the upper part, which is divisible into three parts and which will give this oval shape, the lower part, which is divisible into two parts and finally the eye itself where the reflection of light is seen very close to the pupil, most of the time. You will see in the simplification stage what we are getting at.

How can it be simplified?

In spite of the proportions, or rather disproportions peculiar to the manga style, (big head, big eyes, small nose, small body) - our article "how to draw a Manga" will give you more details about this - the manga style is inspired by the realistic style. Disproportions do not hinder the understanding or recognition of the character. You can perfectly distinguish his nose, eyes, mouth, ears, for example, even if they are disproportionate to reality, they are just extremely simplified. To illustrate this, here is an image where we find the three features of the upper part, the two features of the lower part and finally the reflection of the light we were talking about earlier.

Apply and draw your own manga eyes

Practice copying the eyes of your favourite characters or ask our qualified Manga teachers to create your own eye style.

Analyze the elements that make up an eye and then simplify them.

As we repeat in all our articles, don't be discouraged, keep trying, make mistakes, erase, start again.

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