How to draw a nose?

nose on face

Drawing a nose is not that complicated!

Realistic nose

Before you can draw all kinds of noses very simply, here is how to draw a nose realistically. Once the face has been sketched, we find where to place the nose, at the bottom of the face, a little lower than the third of the face, at the same height as the bottom of the ears, between the eyes and the mouth, but this varies according to the different faces. So we will have to place these three or four elements: 

  • The tip of the nose, the point
  • The sides of the nose, the wings
  • The holes of the nose, the nostrils


dessin nez réaliste


Manga nose and other styles

Once the anatomy of the nose is understood, you can have fun creating all kinds of noses, like for example the manga artists who find a nose they prefer to draw, often quite simple but which must take up the basic principles of the realistic nose, the tip of the nose, the wings and the nostrils, you can make only one of these elements, two of these elements or all three, or just an interpretation of one. 


nez dessin manga réaliste


Be careful, when the face turns and we see it not from the front but from three quarters, it is necessary to mark more the bridge of the nose, as we see on the first face in the examples below:

Nose in profile

Indeed, the noses of three quarters are not drawn in the same way and the noses of profile are drawn still differently, by marking even more the edge and by drawing only one nostril, and only one wing. To give an example with the most mythical nose, a representation of Cleopatra in profile:



Some noses of manga characters

Here are some different noses that can be seen on the faces of the main characters of the most famous manga. For the fans who want to have fun guessing, the answers are put below.



If you want to know more about the drawing techniques to draw noses, you can take an academic drawing course or a manga drawing course.


Answer: Mikasa, Naruto, Luffy, Isuku (slightly from 3/4)