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Summer Vacation Workshop - Singing

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3 hours a day, Monday to Friday, 9am to 12pm.

  • July 8 to 7, 2024 for ages 8 to 12
  • July 15 to 19, 2024 for ages 12 to 16
Price :
  • Singing course only: 290.00 | Mo-Fr | 3 hours per day
  • Singing course + 2nd activity: 490.00 | Mo-Fr 6 hours per day (requires choice of 2nd activity, subject to availability)

Course given by our teacher Sandrina, holder of a Bachelor's and Master's degree in pedagogy from the Haute Ecole de Musique de Lausanne.

Possibility of grouping with another course in the afternoons, with pick-up during the lunch break (bring your own picnic). To do so, select one activity for the morning and one for the afternoon during the registration process.

Register now and ensure your child a summer full of music and fun by clicking below. Places are limited to guarantee optimal personalized support.



Snezana B. - 5 stars on Google I highly recommend it, my daughter took a course during the summer break and she was delighted. The content of the courses as well as the kindness of the teachers is top notch!


This summer in Lausanne, young singing enthusiasts can explore and enrich their vocal talents in a caring and professional environment. Our course offers a unique opportunity to develop vocal mastery through immersive practice, where participants are invited to refine their tone, sharpen their listening skills, control their breathing and gain confidence on stage. At the heart of this demanding and gratifying discipline, our trainees experience a human and artistic adventure, revealing themselves without artifice and sharing their intimate universe with authenticity. What's more, for a complete artistic experience, it's possible to combine this workshop with our other artistic workshops, enabling participants to benefit from a full day of creative immersion, with pick-up during the lunch break.

Course program

During the vacations in Lausanne, our singing workshop is an open invitation to children and teenagers of all levels. Under the guidance of our teacher Sandrina, participants can learn or perfect their vocal art through modern pieces that resonate with their tastes and emotions. This pedagogical approach aims to make learning music lively and captivating, while encouraging personal discovery and creativity.

At the heart of our program, body technique is essential. Students will learn to use their bodies as instruments, enhancing their stage presence and sensory expression. The development of the musical ear, accuracy and rhythm will be worked on in a playful and enriching way. Improvisation will also play a key role, opening the door to free expression and personal exploration.

In-depth study of the physiological mechanisms of the voice will enable students to master the various vocal techniques, whether head, chest or mixed voice, as well as specificities such as belting or falsetto. Our course offers a space where each participant can hone his or her art, understand his or her bodily instrument and blossom across the musical spectrum. Together with our teachers, our budding artists will embark on a musical journey of self-discovery.

FAQ section : Singing courses during the vacations in Lausanne - Children and Teens

1. What types of music courses are offered during the vacations?

Our vacation camps in Lausanne offer music courses specialized in singing only, where children and teenagers can learn and perfect their vocal skills. Our activities include breathing techniques, vocal control and musical interpretation, adapted to all levels, from beginner to advanced.

2. Does the program include musical comedy elements?

No, our music courses focus exclusively on singing, and do not include musical theatre elements such as dance or drama. If you wish, you can complement your week of training with a second activity that will enable your child to also learn one of these disciplines. This can be done directly during the registration process.

3. When do they take place?

From July 8 to 12 for 8- to 12-year-olds and from July 15 to 19 for 12- to 16-year-olds, during the vacations in Lausanne. Each session runs from Monday to Friday, 9am to 12pm. It is possible to combine with a second activity in the afternoons during the registration process.

4. How do the proposed activities encourage children's creativity?

Our courses are designed to stimulate creative expression and innovation. In addition to vocal training, children participate in improvisation and creative music-making exercises, allowing them to freely explore their own style and express their individuality.

5. Is the program suitable for beginners who want to learn to sing?

Absolutely, our vacation course in Lausanne is perfectly suited to children and teenagers who want to learn to sing. Classes, organized in small groups, are personalized to meet the needs of each participant, guaranteeing progressive development adapted to their level.

6. What measures have been taken to guarantee personalized support?

The number of places in our singing courses is limited to 6 students to ensure individual follow-up and personalized support. Our teachers adapt their teaching methods to the specific needs of each child, ensuring optimum progress.

7. Can this course be combined with other vacation courses?

Yes, participants can also sign up for other artistic activities in the afternoon. In this case, children enjoy a full day of creative immersion, including lunchtime care. Picnic lunches are to be organized by you. To organize your children's full day, simply select each desired activity during the registration process.Yes, participants can also sign up for other artistic activities in the afternoon. In this case, children enjoy a full day of creative immersion, including lunchtime care. Picnic lunches are to be organized by you. To organize your children's full day, simply select each desired activity during the registration process.

8. How do I register for the Lausanne vacation singing workshop?

Registrations are made directly on our website. Click on the registration option corresponding to your child's age and follow the instructions. We recommend that you register as soon as possible, as places are limited.

9. What benefits does the child or teenager derive from participating in this program?

Children enjoy a multitude of benefits from participating in our singing workshop, including improved self-confidence, development of musical skills, and creative expression. Singing also offers emotional and physical benefits, enhancing concentration and coordination.


Courses Duration Price
1 week - 1 activity 3 hours a day 290.00 CHF
1 week - 2 activities 6 hours a day + lunch break 490.00 CHF

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For extra-curricular activities, families can benefit from a 10% sibling discount for the second and subsequent children enrolled in our camps.

It's much more than an artistic discipline; it's a genuine tool for personal development. Under the guidance of our teachers, our young people learn to master their breathing and voice, which in turn promotes relaxation and self-confidence. Each note sung is another step towards self-knowledge, sharpening sensitivity and stage presence. It's a physical and emotional commitment that nourishes the mind and strengthens the body, essential to our students' personal growth.

With a view to enhancing the musical learning and well-being of our young artists, our home, located in the heart of Lausanne, creates an environment where family and education meet to celebrate the art of singing. Recognizing the importance of music in academic and personal development, our vacation singing workshops are specially designed to engage the child or teenager in a musical exploration that goes far beyond mere technical development. By collaborating as a group, each child discovers the value of synergy and the impact of music on social cohesion, making this program an unforgettable experience for the educational community and families alike. The inclusion of acting, approached from the angle of scenic expression and teamwork, enriches our program, offering a diversity of options and pleasures. We encourage parents to get involved, discover and share in their children's progress, underlining the importance of music as a family and community bond. Our structure is dedicated to providing a safe and stimulating space where learning music means personal and collective fulfillment. With an emphasis on values such as support and creativity, our vacation camps are an extension of the school experience, enriching children's lives with new skills, friendships and lasting memories. It's an invitation to experience a musical adventure where every note sung builds bridges between students, their families and the artistic world, making every day spent with us a celebration of music and humanity.

Indeed, singing ability is accessible to almost everyone, with the right support in terms of vocal training from experienced teachers. It is essential to recognize the uniqueness of each individual, bearing in mind that natural abilities vary from person to person, influenced by factors such as hearing acuity and vocal range. Effective singing requires an intimate knowledge of one's own body and mastery of essential techniques, including breath management, correct posture, the art of projection and clarity of speech, as well as optimal use of the body's resonators. These skills, indispensable in all musical genres from opera to pop, underline the importance of engaging in musical apprenticeship at a recognized school. A competent singing teacher is key to unlocking the vocal potential that lies dormant in every student. However, it is important to note that physical or health obstacles may limit some people in their vocal exploration, although these situations are exceptional. Teaching singing goes beyond technique; it's a form of therapy, a way of strengthening family ties, and an opportunity for parents to get involved in their children's musical education. Our school-based group classes encourage social cohesion and prepare students to shine on stage. Music is an integral part of our training, enriching the weekly camps and workshops. Our aim is to cultivate an environment where the art of music is a shared celebration, offering a final show where every participant can demonstrate their progress, regardless of their initial level. Regular practice at home, supported by a stimulating educational environment, is fundamental to progress. Singing, as an art, requires dedication and perseverance, but the path taken rewards with immense satisfaction and skills that enrich school and personal life. That's why our school in Switzerland is committed to providing a first-rate musical education, making every week of camp an unforgettable adventure towards vocal excellence.

There are many exercises to improve your vocal technique and develop your ability to sing well. You'll find our teachers' detailed programs on our website. Nevertheless, here are a few examples of the basic exercises commonly used: 1. Breathing exercises: Breathing exercises are essential for good singing. The basic exercises consist of inhaling slowly and deeply through the nose, concentrating on abdominal breathing, then exhaling slowly through the mouth, controlling the air. When singing with different types of voice, such as head or chest voice, breathing work is essential and serves as a foundation for exploring different sounds. More advanced exercises, such as air retention and exhalation management, can also be used to improve breathing capacity. 2. Vocalizations: Vocalizations are exercises for working on range, pitch, projection and diction. Vocalizations can be practiced on different vowels or consonants, and can be adapted to suit the level and needs of the student. 3. Repertoire: The choice of songs to sing is also important for improving vocal technique. It's important to choose songs suited to your vocal skill level, while seeking to explore different musical styles and genres. By working on a varied repertoire - lyric, jazz, classical, pop and so on - you'll accumulate a multitude of techniques that will help you become a complete singer. It's important to stress that every singer has different needs and objectives, and that the exercises and repertoire chosen should be adapted accordingly. The teachers at the school will help you identify your specific needs and develop a personalized practice plan to achieve your vocal goals.

You don't need much equipment to sing. In fact, it's the instrument that requires the least. However, here are a few items that might be useful for a singer: An accompanying instrument: If you're singing solo, several accompanying instruments can be beneficial, such as a piano, guitar or ukulele. In class, our singing teacher usually uses the piano for accompaniment. This will enable you to maintain good intonation throughout your practice, without accidentally changing key. Sheet music: In opera or operatic singing, sheet music gives you many indications on how to perform the piece as faithfully as possible. You'll find indications of nuances, velocity and particular sounds. In pop or jazz, a score will act as a memory aid for the lyrics and also help you situate yourself in the song if you have a jazz "Leadsheet", for example. A voice recorder: We strongly recommend the use of a voice recorder to record your performances and listen to them again later to work on your technique, intonation, diction and interpretation. You can also use your telephone! In our opinion, listening to yourself sing is the best way to target the elements you need to work on, as it allows you to listen to yourself from an outside ear. Even if most people "don't like their voice", it's imperative to try to get over this if you want to make rapid progress. Stage accessories: Unless you're an opera singer, you may need accessories such as a microphone, mic stand, monitor headphones, XLR cable, speakers and/or headphones.

Not at the end of this particular week-long program. However, at Apolline, we organize weekly workshops for the most motivated students who wish to discover group play. This particular program is suitable for all ages, children, teenagers and adults, and can be a good way to overcome stress, for example. As part of this program, we encourage our students to perform in concert, at various venues in the city of Lausanne and at our annual Apolline Fest festival. It's the best way to bring out your inner performer! This program is not for beginners, but rather for students who have already mastered their instrument after one or two years of practice. A workshop room with good acoustic treatment is provided to enable students to play in the best possible conditions, under the attentive ear of our workshop teacher. We'll also be teaching them how to acquire good stage presence and the codes specific to the world of live performance. We take care to ensure that the pieces chosen appeal to all participants, so as to guarantee an enriching experience combining pleasure, high standards and progress. These workshops take place on a weekly basis.

Not necessarily during a week-long course, where the program will be more directed due to the reduced time window. However, it is entirely possible to focus on composition during a weekly singing class, in pop, jazz or classical registers. In 2022, a vocal student at our school composed her own piece to be reworked in the workshop and finally recorded in a professional recording studio. In fact, many music courses include elements of musical composition in addition to perfecting vocal technique. If you wish, our courses will also enable you to learn the fundamentals of musical composition, such as basic song structure, toplines and melodies, although some would argue that there is no precise method for composing great songs. Finally, our courses can also teach you how to write music using music composition software such as Musescore or Sibelius, as well as showing you how to create and develop your own musical ideas. It's important to note that vocal improvisation is a form of composition, as you'll be creating melodies from your own imagination and experience.

Summer vacations in Lausanne become a melody of discovery for children and adults alike, a time for musical awakening in the warmth of home and the excitement of art camps. At Apolline, music and art sing in unison to offer an authentically Swiss experience, where each class is an open door to a world of harmony and creativity. In our summer music camp, children not only find an ideal setting for developing their vocal confidence, but also build a lasting bond with the art of music, a rich and varied heritage in Switzerland. At home, the practices learned resonate and are reinforced: notes and melodies flourish in the intimacy of the family cocoon. Learning to sing becomes a joyful daily undertaking, enriching summer leisure time and creating unforgettable moments between parents and children. It's a summer symphony in which the art of singing gently blends into the rhythm of life at home. At Apolline, we believe that art and music are essential companions in life, valuable emotional and social education tools for all age levels. By integrating singing lessons into the fabric of summer activities, we forge memorable experiences, shaping the confidence and stage presence of those who join us each summer. Our ambition is to see every child fulfill their potential and share their voice with others.

There are hundreds of different things children can do during the school vacations, whether it's a leisure activity, tutoring, a nature outing or a therapeutic stay. Camps are one of the best ways for a child to experience lots of fun. Our school offers artistic themes during the vacations (autumn, spring, summer and winter). This is a daytime activity, so there's no accommodation, and the children don't sleep on site. Our school offers a wide range of courses for all levels, from beginner to advanced. We welcome both those who have just discovered a discipline and want to learn the basics, and those who want to deepen their knowledge and improve their technique. We offer condensed workshops during the vacations, as well as weekly classes for those who wish to perfect their skills and are prepared to work hard to achieve their goals. We believe that learning art is an exciting and rewarding experience, and we look forward to welcoming you to our schools to help you achieve your goals. Every extra-curricular period is a good time - autumn, winter, spring or summer.