Art can only be learned from the way the mind works and creativity is fundamentally personal .
Apolline knows this and favours individual energies, taking care of the pleasure and envy of his students, respecting their inspirations.
They thus progress in the best possible way, towards their aspirations.


An innovative concept, a clearly defined pedagogical framework

Apolline aims to be resolutely accessible to all and is not limited to teaching a single artistic field. Thus, students can take advantage of the different synergies and bridges built between the different disciplines. We help students to meet, play and create together. With us they go further, they realize their projects and dreams.

The setting and atmosphere are particularly conducive to the pleasure of learning and developing one's creativity, in the full expression of one's own personality. However, Apolline offers students and their parents the guarantee of quality teaching, in a rigorous ethic, as close as possible to the needs and motivation of each and every learner.

The teachers, for their part, fully adhere to the concept and philosophy of the school. They have a vocation and are passionate creators, their natural desire to innovate is combined with strong pedagogical skills. Their great experience, respect, listening and constant attention, allow them to constantly monitor the progress of their students. A flawless personal ethic makes them actors and not followers!

We also attach great importance to the quality of life of our employees. At Apolline, school management is largely participatory, taking advantage of a "horizontal" operating system, without a director. This operating principle, combined with other innovative operating methods, allows us to pay teachers more than they could expect in a traditional structure. Click here for more information.

Sensitive to the climate cause, we are committed at our level and take all possible measures. For example, all documents, when they need to be printed, are made of recycled paper or benefit from carbon offsetting. As far as invoices are concerned, we will always offer to send them to you by email.



Beyond simple classes, we help our students bring their projects to life and make their dreams come true!

Apolline aims to enrich and develop each student creatively and personally. For teachers, the challenge is above all to identify the deepest desires and motivations of their students, in order to accompany them in the most appropriate way. In this way, they constantly monitor each student's progress.

The school's philosophy goes further than that of traditional structures. Thus, beyond pure pedagogical accompaniment, we are committed to concrete measures. Students can, for example, take advantage of our many partnerships, as well as our help in the realization of their artistic project. Click here to learn more.


Apolline goes further

Apolline is an independent school, freed from the constraints of traditional teaching, but within a clear, defined and respected framework. The approach is above all human and reassuring: the student is constantly put in confidence and encouraged to express his or her full potential, on the path to his or her best achievement.

Each teacher is also free to teach according to his or her own energy, but fully attentive to the student's needs, as well as respecting the objectives set.

We distinguish between form and substance: freedom does not come without clear objectives, never lost sight of, nor without a rigorous learning programme. This is what guides and motivates us: the results obtained are the sole judge!


An essential value for everyone's development

Seeing the student increase his creativity, therefore his motivation and therefore his progress, is one of our essential drivers!

This is why we resolutely integrate improvisation into all processes and at every stage of learning.  For the teachers, it is a natural quality coupled with a permanent desire.


Offering fair and optimal working conditions to all our employees.

Attaching great importance to the quality of life of our employees, we wanted a largely participatory school management, which benefits from a "horizontal" operating system, without a director. Each teacher thus participates fully in the future of the school and is involved. This operating principle, combined with other innovative operating methods, makes it possible to remunerate teachers beyond what they could expect in a traditional structure. The school, for its part, benefits from the skills of all by being run by a college of concerned and motivated people, taking decisions that benefit above all the quality of teaching. Click here for more information.